Crop Circles – A Message Through Musical Cryptology…

Crop Circles – A Message Through Musical Cryptology…

You arrive in Wiltshire and you await the rest of your small party of investigators, in this case British actor Danny Dyer and his documentary film crew.

You say your hello and the introductions are underway.

You visit new and recent geospiral pictures on the landscape together and you feel the buzzing sensation of their energy as you venture within the geometric outlines.

When we see a snowflake and its beautiful patterns we don’t often realize that this is the shape of the sound of the environment around it and that the shape of that snowflake is purely a recreation of that sound’s geometric patterns. It is mimicking the environmental sound.

Of course there are the fake crop circles that Doug & Dave claim to have created, although crop circles were recorded as early as the 16th Century. But on the whole there is an advanced numerical mystique about them, which I will detail in a moment.

People have seen and even filmed Plasma Balls of light forming some crop circles, some have even identified a binary communication between the individual plasma balls as if they are working together with a consciousness.

When people film and see plasma balls of light above an area which then sees a crop circle appear this is microwave energy and flash heat that causes one side of the crop to be elongated and therefore curved without damage. This curvature gives us the crop circle formation using microwave energy which is a form of the universal energy electromagnetism.

If electrons are floating around freely, even for a very short amount of time, they can be shoved far away from their point of origin by the electric field. And then shoved back. And then forwards again. As they move back and forth, they crash into air molecules in the air that can knock electrons in them to higher-energy orbits. Then these electrons fall back, emitting light.

That’s why you have a glowing blob of plasma over a flame or in this case a flash heat. This plasma is hotter than the rest of the air and so it tends to rise up. This is how a microwave oven also works.

But there is more. For those who have seen the 1980’s movie ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ you will know that at the end of the film there is a communication between humans and extra-terrestrials by use of music. And the Greeks called geometry frozen music which leads me onto my next point.

Some of the great Composers such as Mozart and Bach used to deliberately hide cryptic messages within their compositions, to be deciphered by the chosen recipient. Bach used to spell his name with musical notes that formed part of his compositions.

It is called Musical Cryptology.

It is the transmission of a message through music. Musical notes A – G are used to spell out words, abbreviations and codes.

They can transport secret messages through music and are the perfect camouflage. Musical notes are also geometric shapes.

Music can also lead to encounters with realities beyond everyday consciousness and open inner doors to other dimensions.

Within crop circles (the majority of them) diatonic ratio’s have been found hidden within the crop circles themselves. Diatonic ratio’s are basically the white keys of a piano and are a human response to sound. This being the case it would the perfect way to encode a message for humans. Diatonic ratio’s are simple whole numbers that determine a scale of musical notes and the only place in nature that diatonic ratio’s are found is in bird calls and whales. These ratio’s have been found to be of their own intelligence.

What if musical cryptology in the form of a crop circle is a hidden message for humanity? What if there is a clandestine communication going on beneath our noses? Not just by a pictorial shape but by sound.

And what if with each new crop circle that appears we are being given a new note that continues from the last note to eventually complete a musical sentence that gives us the full and complete message through harmonics and sonics?

The higher the frequency and pitch the more complex the shape of the crop circles are.

I think it is a cryptic message hidden within geometry. The law of geometry governs mathematical intervals of notes and diatonic ratio’s have been found hidden within crop circles.

The answer to the message of the crop circle is in the scale of human sound responses. The messages of the crop circles even go into the fifth postulate of interpretation of non-Euclidean geometry, which is a theorem.

Take your mind back to close encounters and how contact was made through the musical scales of a keyboard and then think of geometry as frozen music and then you can see the musical cryptology being created!

Best regards

More One On One Skype Chat Feedback

Hello Michael

Thanks for the brilliant chat yesterday; actually it was a tutorial for me, as listening to you speak on the topics we explored was inspiring and encouraging.

I think that, due to your benevolence and willingness to share, we are all benefiting from your experiences and the years of research and study that you have invested in this work.

Michael; you kindly gave well over and above the agreed time limit for the call and I received far more than I was scheduled to; thanks for being so dedicated to helping me understand and ensuring that I had ample opportunity to ask any questions I needed to.

You answered everything I inquired about with clarity, depth and breadth of knowledge and, what stands out for me is the way you listened intently to everything I said, explaining in detail and giving me a rich learning experience that I will savour.

I have followed your work with enthusiasm for a long time and have directed many others to experience the treasure trove of your esoteric knowledge and wisdom.

It is such a pleasure to have had this chance to talk with you and I look forward to speaking with you again in the future.

I’m reading your work with great relish and thoroughly enjoying everything!

Thank you so much Michael.

Chat With Me Skype Call Feedback…

I have done a few one on one skype calls/chats today and have spoken about some deep and interesting subjects.

Here’s some feedback just received…

“The enormous privilege of coming across someone like Michael Feeley has lent sparkling excitement to my quest, as you can feel the Energy of his knowledge, his explorations and his discernment about the discoveries he has made and the huge wealth of understanding that he is so courageously sharing with the rest of us.

Michael’s integrity shines through and he has a very great deal to share, on a myriad of subjects.
A superb, conversation, thank you, Michael” !

So if you’d like a chat please see my website (books page) for further details….

I hope to chat with you soon.


The 10 Plagues Of Egypt – What They Really Were…

The bible can enslave you or enlighten you, but that depends purely upon you and which level you wish to interpret it.

You can see a public level story or you can delve deeper and see the true meaning. The true meaning is where you can find enlightenment.

The writers of these religious scriptures (scripts) knew full well that they were creating a multi-tiered belief system to keep sacred knowledge away from the general population who they deemed unworthy of such wisdom.

The many articles that I have written on Facebook and other forums recently highlight just a few of the famous biblical stories and what they truly mean.

The 10 plagues of Egypt is no different and is really referring to an inner spiritual process of enlightenment. Number 10 refers to divine balance which is essential for inner spiritual consciousness and that is why there were 10 plagues and 10 commandments etc, it is all numerology.

The 10 Plagues (as told in the Bible)

(1) Blood
(2) Frogs
(3) Lice
(4) Flies
(5) Pestilence of cattle
(6) Boils
(7) Hail
(8) Locusts
(9) 3 days of darkness
(10) Death of the firstborn

So let’s analyze what the story is telling us.

In the Kabbalah (Mystical/Esoteric Judaism) which is relevant as the bible is a division of the Hebrew scriptures, the children of Israel (Israelite’s) were kept in Egypt in captivity. But in the Kabbalah Egypt is the section of the body from the Kidney’s downwards, the sacral chakra. Israel is a metaphor for the perfect spiritual man, Is (Isis/Feminine aspect of self) RA (Sun/Male aspect of self) and EL which is God. Therefore it is the balance of opposites with God, the perfect spiritual state.

Therefore the story tells us of the exodus, meaning the way/road out, between the lower aspects of self and the higher aspects of self, the journey from Egypt to Israel.

Moses released the Israelite’s through the rise of the ‘Brazen Serpent’ which is really Kundalini awakening that goes from deactivation at the base of the spine to the mind, the upper chakras (heaven) through various spiritual practices. Kundalini is the serpent of fire within us.

The 10 plagues are metaphorical of this inner journey that transitions us from Egypt to Israel. The dispute between Moses and the Pharaoh is the dispute between the illuminated mind (Moses) and the Pharaoh (for this story representing the ego).

So now let’s break down the 10 plagues…

Blood has regenerative properties and can transition you to a spiritual man (or women). The Frog is symbolic of easy transition, as a frog does between Earth and water. Lice is symbolic of external man (the senses). Flies are symbolic of death (death of the old you). Pestilence of cattle is symbolic of good acquired through truth. Boils relate to the skin and in Hebrew skin is the same word as light. In other words skin is either a separator or a connector between self and others.

It can be either a divider or a unifying force. Hail is symbolic of falsity destroying truth. Locusts are symbolic of great numbers (those who make the transition during the exodus) into Israel, to become perfected spiritual man.

Darkness represents ignorance/falsity and the number 3 as in 3 days is symbolic of the ‘Third day’ which is divine intervention (as with Jonah in the belly of the whale for 3 days & Jesus in the tomb for 3 days etc).

And death of the first born refers to the death of spiritual darkness and the coming into spiritual light which is knowledge and wisdom. When initiates have passed their initiation they are referred to as the ‘Twice born’, the born again, which first requires the death of their own first born!

The whole story represents the inner spiritual journey from one of captivity to one of enlightenment.

Best regards

The Anunnaki Of Nibiru & The Snakemen Of Eridu – Are They Real? My New E-book

Great News: My new E-book ‘The Anunnaki of Nibiru And The Snakemen Of Eridu – Are They Real’? is now available from my website: and from Amazon UK/USA (links at the foot of this post).


Zecharia Sitchen gave the world a translation of the ancient Sumerian scrolls and introduced us to a race of extra-terrestrial beings called the Anunnaki.

The whole story has become famous the world over and this version of history is repeated parrot fashion by many members of UFO and Alien forums and social networking groups.

According to the story ‘Those who from heaven to Earth came’ created a slave race from existing Earthly life-forms to mine for Earth’s resources, namely Gold. Worryingly the story tells us that they return to Earth on their planet every 3600 years. But what if the story is simply a metaphor like the many ancient stories of the same time?

What if the Anunnaki story has a deeper meaning than that portrayed by Sitchen and other academics? Did the Anunnaki really travel to Earth on planet Nibiru and tinker with human DNA, or is this story just too far fetched to believe?

The author, a trained police investigator who is himself a multiple paranormal and UFO experiencer, has a different version of its meaning. A version not previously brought to the table.

Is the Anunnaki story a true account of history or can there be another explanation? Why not find out?…/…/ref=sr_1_6… (UK)…/…/ref=sr_1_8… (USA)

Best regards & happy reading…

The World Of Politics Is Planned – A Long Time Ago

For those who go to the ballot box and believe that they are voting for their chosen democratic leader, think again!

Your democratic leader is chosen for you, because a certain leader is the suitable captain of the ship called global politics.

That can often be a numerical compatibility for the Kabbalah, and of course these candidates are members of various secret societies, the nursery from where they will be chosen.

So to explain what I mean here are a few facts in the world of Kabbalistic numerology. The end game of course is the New World Order, the one world system and the independent state of Israel which is the Zionist intention. Zionists are part of every government and influence world events from the inside.

Let’s start with recent American presidential history.

Barrack Hussein Obama (half Jewish) was the 44th President of America. He was sworn in twice, on the second occasion without the presence of a bible. During this second occasion Obama stated “I am” which has a numerical value in gemetria of 44. Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh which means ‘I am that I am’ has the same numerical value as Barrack Hussein Obama.

When Obama came into office it was 8 years short of the Hebrew year 5778 which is the year of final redemption.

Therefore Obama plugged an 8 year bridge before the fulfillment of the ‘Covenant of Abraham’.

When Trump came into office (by complete surprise, alleged surprise that is) he fulfilled a Judaic prophecy that the number 70 was a critical number in Judaism. And how? He signed to acknowledge Jerusalem as the recognized capital of Israel and their embassy was to be moved there. In Judaic circles this righted a 70 year wrong!

In gemetria Donald Trump equals 424 or 212 x 2. 212 means a difficult time for Israel but will lead to the ‘final redemption’. In gemetria 424 also has the numerical equivalent as ‘messiah for the house of David’. 424 is also equivalent to the Hebrew word for ‘Like a snake’.

The Jewish messiah is referred to as ‘The Jew’s Holy Serpent’.

Trump is an ally of Israel (as are most Western governments whose Prime Ministers are members of ‘friends of Israel’).

The world of politics is steered a certain way and when you see events unfolding it is for a deliberate end result and deliberate aim. The people in charge of some of the most powerful nations in the world are chosen for that very political end game.

What makes no sense at all to the average person makes perfect sense when you know the game, and by knowing the game you can immediately recognize the moves being made.

I would suggest reading the rule book!

Best regards

Who Or What Is Moses…

He was found in a basket in the river and grew up in dispute with the Pharaoh of Egypt. He led the Israelite’s out of captivity and across the Sinai desert where he spoke with God on top of the mountain and was given the 10 commandments, the laws of God. He came down the mountain to see the people using Golden calves as idols and he smashed the tablets in rage (where we get the phrase breaking the law).

Well that is the biblical story anyway. And as always it is a cover-up for a much deeper truth. So what is the real meaning of the story?


Moses is really the Illuminated mind and his presence at the top of the mountain at the burning bush is also a metaphor for this fact. The mountain represents a higher state of awareness/mind through third eye visions and the burning bush is symbolic of the Pineal gland being awakened by the energy of fire which is Kundalini serpent energy (which is also relevant later on in the story). It is really indicating a spiritual awakening.

The number 10, as in 10 commandments (commandment means to control/command the mind) is the number of divine balance and represents the divine androgyne, the masculine and feminine union required for spiritual awakening.

Moses parting the red sea is really the bodily process known as Osmosis which is the ‘Separation of the water’ and bodily objects passing through a semipermeable membrane. A membrane controls what goes in and what goes out of the likes of a cell, and this is the closing of the red sea upon the Egyptian army after it had parted for Moses and his people.

Through Osmosis we can achieve higher levels of consciousness as higher levels of consciousness control lower levels.

Now for the exodus. Moses fed the Israelite’s with manna bread which is really talking of Quintessence, the sexual energy of kundalini or known in Hindu alchemy as the spirit of breath, which in Sanskrit is prana (same as Manna).

This is both the breath of life and also the meaning of the Jesus saying “I am the bread of life”. This Quintessence emerges from the primordial state of the trinity (holy trinity) which is the 3 sub-atomic particles that make up the component parts of the atom.

This is also known as Shin in the Kabbalah (Mr Spock Hand symbol) or the 3 essentials in alchemy.

The word Exodus means the way out and this is referring to the freeing of the soul through Magnum Opus, the great work in alchemy. It is the transformation of the body into a luminous being (Moses – illuminated mind). This is also known as the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’.

Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness which is referring in numerology to the number 40 which has the power to lift you to a spiritual state (number 40 is used widely for this reason in other biblical stories too).

The staff of Moses is the spine which is the conduit of information and energy between body and mind.

In the Kabbalah, which is mystical and esoteric Judaism, it is stated that the Children of Israel (meaning the Israelite’s generally) were kept in captivity.

In the Kabbalah the place of captivity is really the region of the body from the kidney’s downwards (Sacral chakra) symbolically the land of Egypt.

The children of Israel were taken out of captivity by Moses by raising the ‘Brazen Serpent’. This is of course spiritual enlightenment from the Kundalini serpent energy that rises out of the lower chakras (Sacral) and transits upwards towards heaven (upper chakras).

The Sacral chakra is the home of sexual energy and this could then lead us onto the story of Jesus, but I will deal with that some other time. But suffice to say it is relevant to the rising of your Kundalini energy. The Israelite’s were said to be the chosen seed which is male Sperm.

Abraham was told by God that the promised seed would come from his own body (sexual reference to semen, the sea of men).

There are of course other important component parts to this story but in essence is it one of the illuminated mind (Moses) that is achieved by the awakening of the brazen serpent, Kundalini which sets fire to the burning bush, the Pineal gland whereby we reach spiritual enlightenment.

Best regards & I hope to see you at one of my talks in 2019.


“Thank you For All The Amazing Information”

I have just done a one on one chat session in Skype where I went into the deeper meanings and purpose of Stonehenge and its connection to planet Mars (Cydonian city)…and the famous Face.

The caller gave this feedback ” Thank you for all the amazing information”

So if you would like a one on one chat with me to learn the ancient mysteries of the world then please get in touch and I could be calling you soon (details on the books page of my site)

Many thanks


The Meaning Of The Heads Of Easter Island…

Easter Island is Chilean island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean that houses the famous monolithic stone heads. They are unusual and their appearance is a perplexity for many scholars and researchers.

I have however deciphered a blueprint that answers this and many ancient mysteries as all of the ancient cultures and civilizations have encoded the same message within their monuments.

It matters not whether those monuments are stone circle monoliths, the many pyramids around the world (and beyond Earth) or gigantic stone heads, the message is the same, only the shape of the monuments ever changed, not their meanings.

So what does Easter Island mean and what is its hidden secret message?

Easter Island is about spiritual consciousness, which is a higher awareness and a higher thought. The heads are energy emitters known as ‘Negative Green’ which facilitate resonance with the higher realms. They are radio waves that carry information.

Moai, the name of the monolithic figures, means to listen, it is telling us to give attention to sound which in itself carries consciousness waves, such as ultrasound waves that are spherical waves (this has relevance to Stonehenge).

The statues are 33 feet tall and the number 33 is the the hertz frequency of Christ consciousness and this inner solar force is developed in 33 degrees at different octaves (hence 33 degrees of freemasonry). 33 has many other energetic power attributes too.

The heads of Easter Island all face East (Easter) which is relevant as in cardinal points East represents enlightenment/illumination (hence why the Sphinx of Egypt also faces East). The face represents the essence of human creation and design namely the Golden Ratio/Golden Section.

When you see the bodies of the monoliths you can see that their hands point towards the Naval. This is symbolic of inner transformation and the key to the soul.

It is reported that there are 1000 heads on Easter Island which represents the 1000 petaled flower of the crown chakra (Buddha symbol) which again is enlightenment.

This, as with the many ancient mystical monuments, is secretly telling us of our own inner potential and our own inner God-state.

Our bodies, just like the monoliths, are receiver and transmitter antennas that connect the Earth to the sky.

The ancients understood that connection, a connection that has been lost by the modern era.

Best regards

Now Taking Pre-Orders For My New E-book…

My new E-book,

‘The Annunaki Of Nibiru And The Snakemen of Eridu – Are They Real’?


“Zecharia Sitchen gave the world a translation of the ancient Sumerian scrolls and introduced us to a race of extra-terrestrial beings called the Annunaki.

The whole story has become famous the world over and this version of history is repeated parrot fashion by many members of UFO and Alien forums and social networking groups. According to the story ‘Those who from heaven to Earth came’ created a slave race from existing Earthly life-forms to mine for Earth’s resources, namely Gold.

Worryingly the story tells us that they return to Earth on their planet every 3600 years. But what if the story is simply a metaphor like the many ancient stories of the same time?

What if the Annunaki story has a deeper meaning than that portrayed by Sitchen and other academics? Did the Annunaki really travel to Earth on planet Nibiru and tinker with human DNA, or is this story just too far fetched to believe?

The author, a trained police investigator who is himself a multiple paranormal and UFO experiencer, has a different version of its meaning.

A version not previously brought to the table.

Is the Annunaki story a true account of history or can there be another explanation?

Why not find out”?