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So there I was listening to Nowhere Man by the Beatles and I remembered my article a little while ago now about encoded numerology within the Beatles. I had a strong urge that I needed to listen to their music, almost setting the scene for what was about to happen. And I have to say that this was not the first time either!

I figured it was important as in English gemetria Nowhere Man = 116 which is GhLILAE in Hebrew which means ‘essential or paramount’.

Also in English gemetria the word awakened is 64, and this is also the perfect cube. The perfect cube is the Philosopher’s stone/wisdom stone. So in other words the Beatles song ‘When I’m 64’ is really when I am awakened. Without coincidence the word Beatles (as spelt by them) equals, you guessed it 64.

Then there is also the number 9. 9 is the number of esoteric/completed man in the mystery school teachings and it features encoded within the likes of Bible, with the 144,000 which is 1+4+4+0+0+0=9 and there are also 144 hours in 6 days (6 days of creation) and so on and so on.

But how does the number 9 relate to the Beatles? John Lennon wrote a song called Revolution 9, it was on the White Album (white = purified matter) and evolution 9 featured a series of tape loops, the most memorable of which is the recurring ‘Number nine’ announcement. This White album which was their 9th studio album. The remasters release date being chosen as 9 September 2009. The album was recorded at Abbey Road, which has a value of 73. 37 and 73 are reflective numbers and add up to 2701. 37 & 73 are wisdom, or Chokmah in Hebrew. 37×73 adds up to 2701 which is eternal perfection and creation.

John’s life was also full of number 9 references. Lennon was born on Wednesday 9 October 1940 (some reports say at 6.30am) both contain the number 9. John said in an interview “I lived in 9 Newcastle Road. I was born on the ninth of October”. Lennon traveled on the number 72 (7+2=9) bus to Liverpool Art College. The group became The Beatles in 1960, and Lennon left in 1969, nine years later.

The Beatles’ first appearance at the Cavern Club was on 9th February 1961. Brian Epstein, the Beatles’ manager, first saw them perform on 9 November 1961. This is 9 months between them!

The group’s contract with EMI was confirmed on 9th May 1962. Their record-breaking debut appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show was on 9 February 1964.

Lennon claimed he first met Yoko Ono on 9th November 1966.

The combined names John Ono Lennon and Yoko Ono Lennon have nine O’s.

Lennon became a public figure in 1962 and died in 1980. So he had 18 years in public life.

Moved to New York in 1971 until his death in 1980.

Meaning he had a two 9 year cycles.
1. 1962 – 1971
2, 1971 – 1980

After he was shot, Lennon was rushed to Roosevelt Hospital on 9th Avenue, Manhattan. Roosevelt and Manhattan both have nine letters. Lennon was shot in New York City on 8 December 1980. However, it has been pointed out that, due to time differences, it was 9 December in his birthplace of Liverpool.

It just goes on and on, but make of it what you will…

***Whilst I was chewing these numbers over in my head the Beatles song that I was listening to went very strange and was making weird noises and I could feel a tingling energy around me. As I told my wife, at what was now around 1am, she said that as we were walking up the stairs in a line earlier that night it came into her head that we looked like the Beatles picture of Abbey Road…she had not mentioned this previously***

A strange night in any case!

Kind regards


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