The Real Statue Of Liberty….

When you look at the statue of liberty, do you see a statue representing freedom, like most people do, or do you see something much deeper?

The depth is really the liberty of self…

The pedestal of the statue represents the Sitra Achra, which consists of two opposing serpents that are surrounding a hendecagram, which is an 11-pointed star. It represents the Qliphoth which is the impure spiritual forces of the physical body that comes down into this realm of matter.

The Statue of Liberty is holding a penis in her hand (opposite end to the flame) representing the mechanism used to inject the ‘Sparks of Holiness’. That could then take us back to the sexual alchemy I have posted about in the last few days.

Therefore, the Statue of Liberty is directly affirming what occurs during the ‘spark of life’ upon the fertilization of the sperm and the ova cast down into the human flesh host body (Qliphoth)!

The Statue of Liberty embodies a spiral staircase that represents human DNA, and is it another symbolic representation that we are the imprisoned lightning trapped inside the human host body prison. DNA transmutation occurs through sexual continence, or sexual sublimation, otherwise known as celibacy, where we thrust sexual energy upwards to the brain (pineal gland) and not outwards.

The crown represents enlightenment when we awaken our potential when we become the solar man (Solomon), and the Christ (Krestos/fire) within us all is illuminated through self-gnosis.

The statue of liberty represents the liberty of self from a physical being of a third dimensional frequency of matter to the realm of all possibility within the unified field of the quantum world. It represents human awakening and enlightenment!

From base to crown it is the story of the journey of enlightenment, as like the story of Moses from captivity to the promised land (code for enlightenment) through the open sea (parting of the red sea) which is the path of least resistance.

All this from a statue!

Kind regards

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