8 thoughts on “Forbidden Knowledge (Interview)…”

  1. Thank you Michael that was outstanding, I love it. I feel that you are spot-on with everything and I intend to look out for more of your fantastic work. Thanks again for all the hard work you are putting into all of this.

  2. I have happily followed your amazing work for a while now and I honestly feel that this interview, plus the two with Mark Attwood, have been the very best I have watched and eagerly listened to. I sense the flow of wisdom is coming through you with great intensity now and I was aware of a spiritual energy on either side of me while I watched! They felt like guardians there to support me as I was downloading the information. My left ear is also ringing with a high pitched frequency! Thank you so much.

  3. I am enthralled! I am watching your recordings with Mark Attwood, and your truth resonates with me.
    Thank You for sharing your experiences with us!
    I am very excited to hear and see more.

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