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  1. Absolutely wonderful Michael, thank you. The first interview with Mark was also amazing and today, when I watched this one and listened, I felt deeply moved, as I felt reconnected to a truth which has been hidden from us for so long. The movie is nearing a wonderful conclusion after many dramatic storylines and detours!
    The first time I saw one of your videos I knew you were a great teacher and here to enlighten us, without restrictions, to the truth of our reality, your books are also a gift of wisdom.
    My consciousness has expanded through following your work and I am so grateful.

  2. A warm greeting to you, sir. Both interviews with Mark Attwood have been amazing experiences! I am grateful for your gracious, comprehensible sharing of ancient knowledge and wisdom, and for being guided here. It all resonates so deeply! Thank you, Michael. I look forward to acquiring your books, one by one, and continuing the journey within and, correspondingly, without. Continued blessings to you.

  3. Hi Michael – How closely does the Davinci movie map to the hidden knowledge you ref in this video?. Did I hear you say the Roswell church as in the movie does contain hidden knowledge? Mary Mag ultimate resting place do we know?

    1. Hi Robert, thank you for your message. Firstly Mary Magdalene has no resting place as she is a metaphor and not a real person! The DA Vinci Code movie/book is very close. Rosslyn chapel is extremely pinnacle in planetary initiation with regards to being the hub of the Dragon lines (Chalice Points) or Leylines of Europe…the guardians of which were the Templars…

      Your questions have a deep answer that I cannot go into here…as it requires a better platform…

      Thank you again

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