Happy Eostre

As we approach yet another religious celebration without question just acceptance of what we are told, let us analyze the celebration that is Easter and how it is really masculine and feminine Sun and Moon fertility cults.

I have spoken extensively about Jesus and how he was never an individual who walked the Earth, instead he is all of us, which is a hidden secret kept from us by the Church and mind controlling religions.

But the heavenly Jesus (post resurrection) is the solar sun which rises in the East (Easter) which the Jews call the Passover as the Sun is passing over the equator and coming into its power heading towards the spring and summer seasons. Christianity needed a different name for the event and therefore called it Easter.

Many claim that the word Easter comes from Ishtar who was the goddess of fertility. Ishtar is another name for the Egyptian goddess Isis who was the goddess of motherhood and fertility.

Isis is not only associated with Sirius ‘A’ but also with the Moon which the female body is locked into by its cyclical rhythms.

The word Easter comes from Ēostre who was the goddess of the dawn (Dawn = Sun rising in the East) referring again to the Sun cults. And that’s why it is held on Easter SUNday!

The egg (Easter egg) is symbolic of the womb and the Rabbit is symbolic of rebirth and awareness (awareness is relevant in the true identity of Isis – which i detail in my book ‘The Ancient Code – A Serpent Fire’).

The world is gripped by the cults of the two great luminaries of day and night, namely the Sun and Moon, and after many years of deep research I can state that Jesus was not a man, did not rise and did not come to Earth as a salvation for anyone!

I know exactly who and what Jesus is and he is not what you are being taught to believe.

All of these celebrations are not what they seem at their true origins and all it takes is a little thought and a few questions…



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