Royals – Who Needs Them?

Royalty, the God-Kings, the bloodline of the elite families who have ruled for many millenniums of our time walking hand in hand with the Priests. Forming a coalition of power over the rest of us.

Incestuous marriages to keep their bloodline pure despite false claims by our media that recent and forthcoming Royal weddings are between ‘Prince and the Commoner’…

But the concept of Royalty derives from Egypt and that genetic lineage continues today through to our modern day Royalty who are actually related to the Pharaoh’s.

The Egyptian Gods/Goddesses Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephthys are being re-enacted by William, Harry, Kate Middleton and Megan Markle.

And just as in ancient Egypt they are related. Megan Markle was required to take a blood test to prove her legitimacy to marry into the Windsor family… and how many relationships do you know that have this requirement? It is a genetic and bloodline issue.

This quadrant set-up within current British Royals is a part of the Ennead or Great Ennead, a group of nine deities in Egyptian mythology worshiped at Heliopolis, namely the sun god Atum; his children Shu and Tefnut; their children Geb and Nut; and their children Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephthys.

The Ennead sometimes includes the son of Osiris and Isis, Horus.

These Gods/Goddesses of Egypt were metaphors for human consciousness and I go into great detail about their true identity in my book ‘The Ancient Code – A Serpent Fire’

But suffice to say that it is all a facade that the ignorant flag wavers fall for every time.

We don’t need Royalty and we certainly don’t need to foot the 24 Million pound bill for members of a Royal family worth billions, to get married.

THINK about it…


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