Happy Fathers Day – No Just Sun Worship…
Here in the UK we approach a day of honouring our father with ‘Fathers Day’ many children and adults will share in gifts and say thankyou to their dad.  It is a lovely occasion whereby we show thanks for our parents which is only right, we should honour our mother and father every day. But this is yet another occassion where not is all as it seems. The origins of this celebration comes from an astrological origin as do the majority if not all the things that we celebrate today and have done for many thousands of years.  On 21st June we have the Summer Solstice, the term Solstice is derived from the Latin scientific term solstitium. Containing the Latin sol meaning “the sun” and sistere meaning “to make stand” The summer solstice and winter solstice are the good and bad thieves spoken about in the bible as one steals the sun/light and one gives it back having stolen it from the winter, they flanked Jesus on the cross, Jesus really being the solar sun; which i explain in detail in my book “It Has Served Us Well; This Myth Of Christ”. 
So really on Sunday (Sun-Day) at this time each year we are really worshipping the Sun and not our physical fathers. 
We do too many things blindly and without question or research.

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