Despite mainstream claims regarding the meaning of Religious icons and images, they have a much deeper secret/meaning and message!

The iconic image of Jesus on the cross with the letters INRI above him is one such example of many!

So what does it really mean?

INRI in Latin is the four elements,


This is telling us that in order to transcend to our own Christ Consciousness we need to first create an equilbrium with the balancing of the four primal elements of human life on Earth.

The image of Christ (and the 5 wounds) are symbolic of the fifth element, the ether, which takes us from the Tetragrammation to the Pentragrammation and beyond the four elements of the physical third dimensional realm!

We must all master the lower realms in order to transcend back to the etheric forces…

We are currently living in the lower regions of our own ‘Transverse Plane’ as the body is seperated by sacred Geometry into horizontal angles

The symbol for this is called Sine and its abbreviation is Sin…We are all living in Sin! (Lower chakras – The kingdom of Earth)…GOD = Geometry of Divinity’…

The scriptures are hiding a much deeper essence and truth, they are hiding our true self by codes!

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