Return Of The Djedhi…

The Djedhi, the Serpent Priests (Serpent representing Wisdom) and initiates of the ancient mystery schools of Egypt were the protectors of the Temple of Osiris, indicated by the Djed (spine of Osiris symbolising strength)…

They later became the Druids of the British Isles, Druid meaning ‘Oak Knowledge’ (Tree knowledge)…

But what is this really telling us?

The Djed is the spine (Jacobs Ladder) and at the top of the spine is the head, the Temple, which means ‘House of God’ and house means Mind!

Osiris is really the Pineal Gland of the third eye system, which I detail comprehensively in my book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A Message for Humanity’

So in other words the Djedhi (Jedi for you StarWars fans) were the protectors of the sacred knowledge of consciousness which they brought to Britain from Egypt…which also has deep Stonehenge connotations!

I have broken many ancient and hidden codes!

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