Jack The Ripper – The Mason…

In the dark and narrow poverty stricken streets of East London of 1888, during the reign of Queen Victoria, there lurked a madman, a killer with a grotesque modus operandi.  Where fear was overruling safety and women were afraid to venture out fearing they would be next.

History has documented that there were five Ripper victims namely the Canonical victims or the Canonical five, Canonical being sets of coordinates which can be used to describe a physical system at any given point in time,

Mary Ann Nicols

Annie Chapman

Elizabeth Stride

Catherine Eddowes

Mary Jane Kelly


But there is some suggestion, although denied by Ripper researchers, that there could have been at least 13 others.

There has been a multitude of suspects such as,

Prince Albert Victor

James Maybrick

Aaron Kosminski

Lewis Carroll

And about 30 others but in the days of no forensic evidence finding a suspect was difficult and almost impossible under the circumstances.

But whoever Jack the Ripper or Rippers turn out to be one thing is certain, he  was either a Mason or had deep inside knowledge of freemasonry and freemasonic legend.

And here’s how.  At the crime scene of the fourth Ripper victim Catherine Eddowes police found the following words written on a wall “The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing”

Now the press at the time claimed that this was someone illiterate with an anti-Semitic agenda, that statement was either knowingly false or extremely naïve.

What many people don’t know is that the Juwes were men of Masonic legend and were the murderers of the first Mason Hiram Abif who was killed at Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem.  The killers were named Jubala, Jubalo and Jubalum known as the ‘Juwes’ and Juwes was specifically spelt that way, quite specific and not as suggested a misspelling by an illiterate.

So whoever wrote this message at the crime scene has specialist knowledge of the Hiram Abif story, a legend within freemasonry!

I am not going to speculate the identity of Jack the Ripper, although I suspect a Royal connection with the Prince of Wales (Queen Victoria’s and Prince Albert’s son) with the possible assistance of Sir William Gull, the Royal surgeon, but I have no proof, although Royalty, even today, has a deep freemasonic connection.

Therefore I stick to the facts and claim a masonic connection without any doubt.

At some point in the future the true identity will be known with advancements in forensic evidence since we still have some remnants of blood/clothing from the scene itself.

But a fact that is not talked about is the deep masonic knowledge of the killer.

Best wishes

Michael Feeley



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