The Real Rapture Of Christ And The Second Coming!

According to Christian and other traditions Christ will return to Judge the living and the dead, known as the Rapture. We then of course have the proclaimed ‘Second Coming’ of Christ which we are told is a separate event.  And of course we have the anti-Christ, 666, the number of the beast!

But what do they really mean and what are they really telling us?  I have explained many times in my books that Christ is within us all and by that I mean that Christ is our Solar seed, born in our solar plexus, Bethlehem, that travels through our Optic Chiasm (the cross) to be crucified prior to being resurrected from our cerebellum (tomb) into Christ consciousness as part of our kundalini consciousness awakening, our inner Christ!

So how does this fit in with Rapture and the second coming?

Well, rapture simply means the feeling of ecstasy or the transition from one place to another so in genetic bodily terms this is describing making the journey from the unconscious to the conscious state within ourselves.  In other words the awakening or resurrection of our own Christ state.

The first coming is the birth of this inner Christ as described above but the second coming is the journey into this Christ consciousness where we escape the material and physical realm and connect to the ether, the fifth element, which is also relevant on the cross of Christ with the letters INRI above Jesus himself. We are to balance our beings so that we can rule the 4 elements (INRI in Latin are the 4 elements) and reach the 5th element, our God-state.

So what about the anti-Christ?

The anti-Christ in the bible was described as the man of lawlessness and that is because the anti-Christ is the lower aspect of man living in the lower chakras of the body, the kingdom of Earth.

The octave of man is 216 hertz which when seen using this mathematical formula it becomes 6x6x6 = 216.

In other words it is anti, opposite, to our Christ, we need to become higher vessels of consciousness to reach our Christ and to not do so is in opposition and therefore an ‘Anti-Christ’. The lower consciousness state of Man is the anti-Christ.

These expressions and prophesies and all the other biblical stories and characters are all an allegory for one thing, ourselves!

Best wishes

Michael Feeley

Author of ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A message for Humanity’


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