Michael To Speak At Two Large Conferences…With Mary Rodwell…

NEWS: It’s my pleasure to announce that I will be bringing my talk ‘The Ancient Code’ to and speaking along side such speakers as Mary Rodwell at the ‘probe’ conference, St Anne’s, Blackpool on 15th/16th September 2018.

And also just prior to that at the biggest alternative view conference in the UK at the Glastonbury Symposium on 28th July 2018.


Ex police officer, multiple paranormal/UFO experiencer and now author and esoteric researcher answers these and many other mystical questions,

Why were the Pyramids of Egypt and around the world built?

What was the Purpose of Stonehenge?

Who was Jesus Christ and all Biblical characters really? And what do they truly represent?

What do the Sumerian Scrolls really tell us?

What was Atlantis and where is it really located?

Who was King Arthur and what is he really telling us?

What is the Earth, Moon, Sun and Mars connection?

I will reveal thousands of years of secrets to you and connect the ancient cultures together with their advanced knowledge and hidden messages left for us to discover…

Why not join me?



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