The Real Passover…

Imagine Jesus sitting at the table with his 12 disciples at the last supper.

It is a full Moon, for good reason and famous sermons are being said before that fateful day. But what if it didn’t really happen that way?

I will detail the internal genetic story of the last supper soon but today I will go through the astronomy.

You see the ecclesiastical brotherhoods have used stories to cover up the fact that the whole bible and its characters and stories are either human genetics or planetary and Stella movement, dependent upon whether we are talking about the earthly aspect or the heavenly aspect.

The world was once under matriarchal rule, it was the feminine balance which was later replaced by a patriarchal masculine system of force and upheaval.

The Church is really representing the Moon as it reflects the light of the Sun, the heavenly Christ. It is therefore shining the light of Christ.

We can also see this with Hymns (Hymen) and even the Lunette arches (female genitalia), it stems from the fertility cults.

The Holy Grail itself is the womb and the red wine of the chalice is menstrual blood containing Lunar energies that transport us to our ‘Endocrine state’ (Third eye activation).

When we see Egyptian statues and pictures of the characters stepping forwards with their left foot this is telling us that it was a matriarchal system.

So when we look a little deeper into the famous Passover we can see that the answer is really in the sky.

The first full Moon after the spring equinox occurs on 14 Nisan and Nisan means April, this Moon is known as the Paschal Moon, meaning ‘Passover Moon’.

April is the realm of Aries in the Zodiac and this is the Ram/Lamb, therefore the Passover Lamb (eaten at Seder/Passover meal in Judaism).

This date is also the date when Lambs are slaughtered for the Passover meal. (When the Sun passes over the equator into Aries we get the ‘Golden Fleece of mythology).

This time of year was set to mark the celebration of Easter using the Moon as a calendar.

Aries is also the ‘Firstborn’ sign of the Zodiac which is associated with the colour Red, it is also one of three signs of Death. Therefore we are delving into another biblical story, that of the plagues of Egypt.

This is the Red dye upon the doors, door being associated with a house and in this case a Zodiac house and the Zodiac is a celestial narrative and is therefore the messenger (angel means message) of death.

As I say there is a collaboration between what happens in the stars and what happens in the body and I will soon go into detail about the bodily aspect of this story.

The Moon is one of the two great luminaries of the sky, it is the ruler of the night realm. It is the God Allah in Islam (AL-LAH = The Moon) and it is pinnacle for life on Earth.

The tribe of Judah (young Lion) had many interconnections with the rulers of Babylon, the Chaldean’s and the word Chaldean derives from Ur-Chur which means ‘Moon Worshipers’. Ur-Chur looks very much like the word Church!

Is it any wonder then that along with the Sun it is held in high esteem?

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