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Hi there,

With many key talks and conferences complete, having made a big impact on the audience, I have now decided to continue on that journey.  There is a possibility of me traveling outside of my home country, the UK, and venturing beyond it in 2019. So please watch this space for any announcements on that.

But for now here a few more of my UK events that have now been added…If you would like further information, addresses etc, then please let me know…

Monday 1st October 2018 – (Talk) Cherry Reds – Birmingham City Center…(7.30pm)

Saturday 6th October 2018 – I will be filming with Unite Planet for a future video on their channel

Monday 15th October 2018 – (Talk) New Horizons – St Anne’s, Blackpool (7.30pm)

Tuesday 6th November 2018 – (Talk) TruthJuice, Birmingham

I also have a number of Radio shows in the pipeline to be recorded soon and other UK conferences being organized for 2019…

I am now also doing one to one skype calls so that you can get my undivided attention! (details at the top of my home page)

Thank you and I will update my site with new events in due course…



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