Modern America Is Ancient Egypt…

The land of the free and good old AM-ERICA meaning the rule of the eternal Eagle or the eternal Eagles rule.

But how many people realise that modern America is reminiscent of ancient Egypt?

There is a lot of American culture that stems from this great and wondrous land and its influence can forever be seen; if you know where to look!

So here are just a few places and things that evidence this fact.  When the founding fathers signed the declaration of independence it was signed in Philadelphia. This is so called from Philae – Delphos. Philae is where the Temple of Isis (Egyptian Goddess) is situated and Delphos is the womb.

Isis is the Goddess of fertility and motherhood. On the 4th July Sirius ‘A’ also associated with the Goddess Isis, is furthest away from our solar sun in its binary and is therefore out of sight. The founding fathers, being Masons, and worshippers of the Blazing Star (Sirius A) wanted to commemorate this astronomical occurrence into American history hence the date and location the declaration was signed.

The obelisk of Washington DC was erected at the exact same time that Sirius ‘A’ passed over and the obelisk is the symbol of the Egyptian God Osiris and male mast energy (Obelisk = Penis of Osiris).

When we see the White House, of Presidential fame, this was so called as Memphis was the original capital of Egypt and Memphis means ‘White Walls’.

We can also reference the ‘Oval Office’ at this point as the Oval is again associated with the womb (Isis) and also the Pituitary gland within the human third eye system that is also associated with fertility and lactation and again Isis, the Goddess of motherhood, herself.  The dome shaped building of Washington DC and other places around the world also hold this significance.

Sirius A is also known as the ‘Cosmic Egg’ for the same reasons, namely its association with Isis and fertility. The Full Lunar Moon was also believed in Egyptian times to be the cosmic apearance of Isis and therefore the Moon is the main focal point of many global fertility cults.

When we look at the American Dollar we can see a Pyramid and the ‘all seeing eye’ both of Egyptian significance.

All American Presidents, with the exception of one, are related to the Pharaohs of Egypt and are part of the same genetic linear bloodline that also extends into European Royalty.

And now for a light hearted fact about the American way, the Hotdog!  In the Egyptian heat of July and August the community would sacrifice a dog to appease the heat from the Sun believed to be generated by its binary partner Sirius A, these were called ‘Dog Days’

So when we eat a hotdog we are simply reliving the ancient Egyptian ritual of dog sacrifice, I hope that this hasn’t put you off too much!

And it’s not just America that has these ancient connections that flood into modern society, London in the United Kingdom is just as flush with influences from this ancient culture and is packed with Egyptian symbology along with other places of significance around the world too;  but that is for another day.


Best wishes

Michael Feeley




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