The Death Of A Princess…


Everyone remembers where they were when that dreadful news of 1997 hit our ears, just like every American citizen remembers where they were at the time that President Kennedy was killed.

It is engraved and carved into our memory banks and most likely always will be.  The event has become prominent in the media again in recent days due to the anniversary of the incident. Prince William and Harry talking fondly about their mother and their memories of her that are shared by the nation.

We have now been told that the vehicle she was a passenger in was a death-trap although engineers from Mercedes have always been denied access to the vehicle to inspect it.

That fateful day has a sinister twist that is rarely discussed anywhere and is certainly never mentioned in the scripted mainstream news. Diana herself spoke about the fact that they, they being the Royal family, were going to kill her in a car crash, point 1.

Strangely the CCTV cameras that night were not working, in a major city such as Paris, very unlikely.

Diana‚Äôs vehicle came to grief in the tunnel called the ‚ÄėPont de l’Alma‚Äô which means Bridge of the soul. The tunnel stands on an ancient Merovingian sacrificial site to the Moon Goddess Diana! ¬†She died at 22:27 hours GMT, 2+2+2+7 = 13 and her vehicle crashed into the 13th Pillar, 13 being of occult significance.

At the time of her death 3 planets were entering the 4th house of astronomy and the 4th house of astronomy is the end of ‚ÄėTerrestrial Existence‚Äô. ¬†3 people died in the crash, namely, Dodi Al Fayad, driver Henri Paul and Princess Diana herself after she had been allowed to die after a short while whilst still in the tunnel. The Moon is the primary native ruler of the 4th house of astronomy (Moon = Diana in certain ancient cultures).

Princess Diana was in a relationship with Dodi Al Fayad, a Muslim, and the British Royal family are from the Royal House of David, by their own admission.  The Royal House of David is Judaic and therefore the two are not a compatible mix in the greater picture.  Against French law her body was embalmed but this procedure also covers up evidence of a pregnancy!

Princess Diana was an advocate of banning the likes of landmines which in a world partly controlled by the Military Industrial Complex peace is not good for business. In other words she was making enemies and making waves and creating the wrong global ripples for the establishment.

All evidence considered as foreman of this particular Jury I find the establishment Guilty of Murder!

Best regards

Michael Feeley


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