My Ickonic Journey

In late 2020 a facebook message was shared with me, by a friend, following a request from Gareth Icke who wanted to interview people who had an alternative view and explanation of history for a forthcoming series called ‘The Walk’.  I expressed an interest and was soon invited to join Gareth at Coventry Cathedral.  On the day the weather was extremely bad and it was pouring down with rain.  For anyone who knows Coventry Cathedral you will know that it has no roof as it was bombed in WWII by the German Luftwaffe.

So the day arrived and we all met at the location, which was slightly changed to a nearby premises so that we could take shelter from the rain.  The interview went well and I discussed the esoteric versions of the many loved characters and stories of the bible and other historical locations, whilst dodging the rain like you would the bomb shrapnel of Coventry’s historical past.

A couple of months later I was contacted by the producer of ‘The Walk’, who had also been on one of the cameras that day, to say that he had just edited my interview and that I had covered subjects that he loved and had a deep interest in.  As a consequence I was invited to join him on his podcast called ‘Glitch in the Code’ for an interview, which has now turned into 4 and counting…

He suggested to the CEO of Ickonic TV (Jaymie Icke) that we do a series based on my research and knowledge of the esoteric world of codes and symbology which contains the real meanings of religion and ancient monuments.  Jaymie approved the idea and we began discussing, by phone, the documentary series which he also wanted me to present.

I was introduced to one of his members of staff at Ickonic, soon after, who was going to be the producer of my series and over the coming months, and a hundred plus emails, we developed a plan of action and an episode by episode script.  We had drawn up the blueprint well beforehand so that we could build instantly the moment we entered site…

On Tuesday 4th May 2021 I arrived, an hour early, at the studios, if I am not an hour early I am late, and I joined the team for the documentary, I had been involved in other projects beforehand so knew the staff having met them previously. The allocated time to film the whole series was 4 days, which went into 5 due to additional ideas picked up along the way.

The first day was studio based and I was interviewed for around 7 hours on various subjects in front of several camera’s, a Green room, and many film-set props.  It was a useful day and a solid foundation was now built, to be built upon further over the coming days.  After a day of filming, I made my way home and although I was still buzzing in my mind, that buzzing soon led to a flat battery and some time in the land of nod as I drifted off into a deep tired sleep.

Day 2 was voice-overs and initially extra shots as fill ins for day 1, after which more studio shots were filmed as a complimentary section to previous statements and interview passages.  In the afternoon the crew and myself went out on location to another studio to again film interviews and visual shots for the documentary. Again in the blink of an eye day 2 was over, and I was now half way through the whole series.  How did that happen so fast?

Day 3 saw myself, the producer and the cameraman go out on location once again to a scenic location for further visual footage,  the area was pleasant and it was a useful addition to the show.

On Day 4, myself and the crew went to a museum looking at ancient artifacts and deciphering their meaning on film, before heading off to Coventry Cathedral for some additional esoteric interviews.  Coventry Cathedral for me represented a full circle on my Ickonic journey, having been there to film my first project with them, ‘The Walk’, and now returning back there to film the last part of my series!

In what seemed a matter of minutes, although in truth many hours over several days, the series was filmed and my part was done…time can sometimes move so fast!

The series will now be edited and will be available on Ickonic TV, anticipated around mid-late June 2021…

I hope that you enjoy the documentary series…



6 thoughts on “My Ickonic Journey”

  1. Hello Michael – being sent to Coventry more than once, is what it takes to get another perspective on life. I am sure the knocked kneed Angels of Coventry Cathedral rejoiced to hear what you had to say……

  2. Hi Michael. I really enjoyed listening to your section on “the walk”… I’m so glad that you’re following it up, it seemed like there was so much more to say! Looking forward to the series 🙂

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