Shadow People…

When I have seen shadow people I have seen them as a three dimensional entity, because a shadow loses a dimension in its projection…
So as a third dimensional being I cast a two dimensional shadow, therefore a fourth dimensional being would cast a three dimensional shadow…which is what I continue to witness…
I have had my bedroom door rocked violently at 6am causing me to run towards the door to see who it was, whereby I saw a shadow person walking through a bedroom wall.
I have seen them walking through forestry, walking passed me in the opposite direction between the trees, and I have seen them in my hotel room before a conference presentation…
They are always around us!

2 thoughts on “Shadow People…”

  1. I was 13 the last time I saw a shadow person. I was with my middle school friend at her home, just us by ourselves. I was walking towards her bedroom, which was the last door at the end of the hall – the door was wide open and everything in the room was highly visible since it was a bright, sunny day – when a black silhouette of a person walked (or more like glided) past the open doorway. My hairs on my skin stood on end and I froze – my friend was not in her bedroom at the time when I saw that figure roll past the open door. And this figure was all silhouette and shadow – I couldn’t make out any details, no skin tone, no hair color – nothing.
    And of course, upon investigation of the bedroom, there was no one there. No open windows, no one in the house or on the property except us.
    I had seen and felt other shadow people when I was younger, but never such a clear experience as this.

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