My Journey Into The Unknown

My Journey Into The Unknown: An Expansion Of My Inner World…

It was October 2019 and after an American based radio show I had been invited by the host to speak at the UFOCON2020 conference in February 2020, in San-Francisco, an event that the host actually organized.

It seemed a long way off, a period of 5 months, but as time often does, it goes faster than you realize.

With each day it rapidly approached and all thoughts were now geared towards this event. After Christmas 2019 it was now seeming very close and of course it was. I had ordered copies of my latest book ‘Alchemy Of The Gods’ for the conference to get there ahead of me, so that I could collect them on my arrival from my hotel reception, a good piece of forward planning, I thought.

The day had now arrived, it was Wednesday 19th February 2020, and I made my way to Heathrow airport in London, a journey time of 2 hours, to board my direct flight to San-Francisco. To my surprise as I boarded the plane, I saw that it was in fact a Jumbo-jet, something I had never flown in before.

I took my compact seat and sat for what was to be an 11 hour flight, half-way across the world, flying back in time due to international time-zones. Baggage collected and an hour and half getting through American customs, I now boarded the courtesy shuttle that was to take me to my hotel and home for the next 5 days, which was a 10 minute drive away.

The San-Francisco sun was bright and refreshing and the views were an optical treat. I had always wondered if I would ever visit America, and now I had the answer to that particular question. As I reached my hotel and checked in, my books had not arrived, although the courier had stated delivery and signature had been completed on 7th February. The person who had signed did not work there and had never been heard of. Local hotels of a similar name and location were called, in case they had been taken there in error, but they had not received them either!

So now I was an author at a speaking event, with no books. In addition to that I also realised that my business cards, that I was sure I had packed, were not in my suitcase either. There was a pattern emerging here, not going down the sabotage route, I knew the conference was going to be about ME! and just ME! and that I was now the only product on offer…

The conference didn’t start until the next day (Thursday 20th), I had been flown out a day early, so I had plenty of time on my hands to look around the venue and conference hall/room and get my bearings and acclimatize to a new time-zone 8 hours behind my body clock. The conference started late Thursday evening and the audience began to gather along with other speakers and I met the organizer of the conference. I attended various events during the week, a speakers meal, meet and greet etc and of course I managed to watch around 150 hours of American TV shows in my room, to help my many hours of spare time to be filled, albeit unfulfilling.

I woke up in the early hours of Sunday 23rd February which was the day of my talk, but my talk wasn’t until 3.45pm that afternoon. So what now, I may watch some more American TV, many of the shows being the same shows I can watch on satellite at home.

3.45pm had now arrived and it was time for my talk, which had been prepared a long time ago, especially for this event. I was introduced to a new audience, albeit in a surreal reality, some had flown there especially to meet me from other states of America, and I began to reveal 10 years of material inside my allotted time-frame.

The room was buzzing and at the end I received a warm and enthusiastic applause from a large crowd. In the short time after the talk and me leaving the room I was approached several times by audience members who expressed their views of my presentation, advanced and phenomenal and awesome were just a few words used. I had done what I had come here to do, and that for me was the most satisfying aspect of the week, to expand the minds of the attendees.

I now had the nice thought of returning home the next day (Monday evening) over 24 hours after my talk, so what do I do now? I know, I may watch some TV!

Monday arrived, and luckily I was able to watch a live English football game on TV, Liverpool versus West Ham Utd, in the hotel bar, speaking with Hispanic hotel staff, who were Arsenal fans, about the game.

It was now time to make my way to San-Francisco international airport, the location of Dirty Harry Movie scenes, for my long flight home, over night. This time by A380 Airbus.

The UK beckoned me and it was nice to touch down upon native soil.

The trip had expanded me and I felt a different person inside, for the first time I could say that I was now an ‘International’ speaker and that was a nice thought.

Kind regards
Michael… (Video of the trip)

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