The Last Supper Meaning…

The last supper was a spiritual metaphor and not a real meal sat at a table reserved for 13 people.

It involves a precious liquid within the brain and geometry and also numerology.

I will today mainly deal with the precious liquid.

The word supper derives from soup and soup means to consume a liquid!

That liquid is Dimethyltryptamine, better known as DMT. In gemetria, the numerical value of letters/words, Christ is 77 and when you make this simple mathematical formula, 7×7 it equals 49. It is on the 49th day that a newly formed fetus drinks DMT from the within brain, which trickles down to the mouth.

This is the supper (soup) spoken about, it is a spiritual trip to a higher consciousness, from our Christ centre, which is the pineal gland.

The geometry of DMT is the Indole Ring, which brings together both the hexagram (Hex = Magic) and the pentagram,(Pent = 5 = ether, beyond the material realm 4) giving the formula of 6/5 (this is also the marriage of Osiris and Isis, the hand position of the Mona Lisa in a Polaris diagram and also Adam and Eve). It is the dual human condition.

6/5 is how you ‘Square the Circle’ musically which is to bring the physical and metaphysical, spirit and matter in unity.

6/5 also gives us the number 11, the Arcanum 11 (Arcane = Secret Knowledge) = union of opposites = holy alchemy. It is the number of revelation (to reveal) and spiritual insight. It is also the number of windows in the painting.

The number 4 is the physical realm and the cube represents this, the cube has 12 sides that cross through the thirteenth point, the Christ and 12. In the Kabbalah the word “one” (echad) has a numerical value of 13. All becomes one…

The pictures of the likes of Egyptian Pharaohs sitting on top of cube shaped throne indicates that they have transcended this material realm and the double chevron above the Great pyramid entrance is the Chibur, where the two worlds meet. In other words the material and the spiritual, both of which have to be mastered. The resurrection of Christ is the twice born (second coming) of self, when you become the initiated. It never meant a physical death, but a rebirth of self into the sacred mysteries through initiations. .

There is a greater sanctity within the scriptures, but people are only seeing the script…

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