My Rendlesham Forest Incident – By former UK police officer…

MY RENDLESHAM FOREST INCIDENT: By former UK police officer Michael Feeley…

The daylight was dropping and turning into night, walking into the Egyptian Duat. Myself and my wife met up with a friend for an evening walk through a local park. The park was a forest setting covered by trees, a place where King Henry VIII would hunt for deer all those centuries ago. The trees made the area pitch black and dense in a forestry setting.

We set off into the woods on what felt like an energetically charged night, we could sense things following us around and subsequent photographs showed the presence of multiple Orbs following behind us on our trail.

We continued through hard to reach places stepping on branches that lay sleeping on the floor and grass that was now used to being trampled on by determined feet. The area was so dark that you could not see more than a foot in front of you, or to the side of you.

As we reached yet another dense forest area that was simply a continuation of another one, looking ahead at a pitch black canvass, a strange white light began to appear about 30 feet in front of us within the trees. Any form of orthodox lighting was ruled out and we continued to stare. I was a former police officer of 17 years experience and was considered an expert eye witness in any court.

The light was so bright that it hurt my eyes to look directly into it but it spanned from ground level to about 30 feet in the air and was the same width horizontally through the trees.

It made no sound just remain silent, and did not move towards us or away from us.

The wife had her phone in her hand and the camera just went off by itself capturing the image you can see on this thread (actual photograph).

The incident lased about 2-3 minutes until the light simply vanished as fast as it had arrived turning the forest back into darkness once again.

As we looked back at the picture that was taken it showed several different colours, which could not be seen with the naked eye, the naked eye could only see the white light without any distinction.

It also shows Orbs going into the light, maybe a gateway or portal to another place and maybe the Orbs that had been following us around all evening, being collected?

I have been asked several times recently why I didn’t walk through the portal. I said because I have no assurance that I could get back from wherever it leads to!

The evening was the talking point for many years to come and was just one of many events that has happened to me.

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