Myself And The ROD…

There is a phenomenon of serpent like creatures captured on video. It is not know whether they are of terrestrial or extraterrestrial origin.

Footage has been obtained all over the world including the UK, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Mexico and the USA and even underwater.

Analysis reveals that the rods seem to be cylinder-shaped ‘creatures’ that range in length from about 10 centimeters to 3 meters, and can travel at speeds of up to 300 Kilometers per hour…

They appear to fly through the air by using an undulating solid membrane which vibrates extremely rapidly on each side of its body (similar to how a squid propels itself through water).

Biologist Ken Swartz has been investigating the rods phenomenon since 1998 and says ‘Rods appear to be biological, but without a physical specimen it is difficult to say anything conclusively.

They seem to be amphibious, as they have been seen entering and leaving water.

Well, i too have an experience with the so-called RODS. One evening I was walking through woodland with my wife and a friend when i suddenly felt a presence appear by my right shoulder. I could feel the exact moment that it joined me and it was a distinctive union.

As a result I asked my friend to take a photograph of the region of my right shoulder to see if anything could be picked up on film.

He did as I had requested and upon looking back at the photograph (actual photograph taken shown on this thread) I saw a gigantic orb that contained what is known as ROD (a google search will bring up lots of pictures of RODS for comparison).

Whatever they are and whatever we discover them to be they are around us and often invisible to the naked eye. Luckily this one was caught on camera.

There is a world outside of our own, living and existing between the frequency spectrum of our limited five senses and seven colours.

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