4 thoughts on “Myself On The Mark Attwood Show (Part 3) Bi-Waves and the Trinity Code…”

  1. Thank you Michael for part 3. I am watching and listening in my room without interruptions and have been able to confirm that what I am doing to help myself raise my frequency is the ‘right/good’ thing to do. e.g. play a little sequence of notes on a glockenspiel because it is fun and sounds a delight. I feel confident to continue with my activities of creating happiness because I now realise that I do not have to stay stuck on the ‘Timeline One’ this is a happiness inducing thought. My thinking has been strengthened because the fear of being criticised and belittled by others has ceased. I note that when the videos are completed I sit in a rich quietness. (I am going to watch parts 1 -3 again as there is so much information/wisdom/positivity to glean. It is a privilege to listen to the interviews because I know that what is being shared is there to help and heal. I sense that I am emerging from mind control in many areas of my life and the lies and falsities are falling away. I am moving into freedom and it does feel strange. I am beginning to make friends with this new way of being in the world. Again thank you. Jane

  2. There are a lot of people in this world who intentionally deceive others, there are others who say information that has some truths in it but also many untruths, and some rare people like Michael who I believe are speaking only truth.

    I have been glued to my phone over the last few days watching and listening to many of Michael’s talks and am so happy to have found such a genuine and inspiring spirit that I look forward to hopefully learning much more from.

    Michael – thank you for your bravery, insight, truth, and unique frequency at this pivotal time on Earth. We need more people like yourself to help guide the many who are questioning, and keep the information true so it has the desired effect of lifting us into awakening. I hope to book a 1-1 with you soon, and am over the moon that this is possible at an affordable rate and you are not already too famous to be able to speak with me in this way.

    All the best,

    1. Thanks Cameron, I agree with your observations about those intent on deceit. I will always share what I discover which tells people who they are and their potential to be far more than they are told they can be. Thank you again, Michael…

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