2 thoughts on “Myself On The Mark Attwood Show (Part 3) Bi-Waves and the Trinity Code…”

  1. Thank you Michael for part 3. I am watching and listening in my room without interruptions and have been able to confirm that what I am doing to help myself raise my frequency is the ‘right/good’ thing to do. e.g. play a little sequence of notes on a glockenspiel because it is fun and sounds a delight. I feel confident to continue with my activities of creating happiness because I now realise that I do not have to stay stuck on the ‘Timeline One’ this is a happiness inducing thought. My thinking has been strengthened because the fear of being criticised and belittled by others has ceased. I note that when the videos are completed I sit in a rich quietness. (I am going to watch parts 1 -3 again as there is so much information/wisdom/positivity to glean. It is a privilege to listen to the interviews because I know that what is being shared is there to help and heal. I sense that I am emerging from mind control in many areas of my life and the lies and falsities are falling away. I am moving into freedom and it does feel strange. I am beginning to make friends with this new way of being in the world. Again thank you. Jane

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