Newton’s Gravity…

I stood looking at the Sun and could clearly see the solar disc and yet astronomy tells me that I can only see the light of the stars and not the stars themselves as light travels faster.

But I thought, the Sun is a star and I can see both the star and the light, so maybe astronomy is wrong!

We are told by the Sumerian scrolls (if you believe Sitchen’s version, and I don’t) that the Anunnaki brought the Moon to Earth’s orbit 450,000 years ago. But there are tidal rhythmites on Earth that prove that the Moon was at its current location 2.2 billion years ago,so the Sitchen version of the scrolls is wrong!

(There are lots of other bits of scientific evidence too that proves it wrong)

Newton’s three laws of motion (including gravity with a mathematical equation of F = (G m1 m2)/r2) defines the attractive force between all objects that possess mass.

He concluded that the apple and the Moon were influenced by the same force which he named gravitation.

Bodies not acted upon by a force move at a constant speed in a straight line (Newton’s first law). The force exerted by earth on the Moon is needed to keep it in circular motion about earth rather than it moving in a straight line.

Newton’s third law states the law of action and reaction, therefore on that basis you cannot be touched without also being touched, therefore the earth touching the Moon with its force means that the Moon also touches earth with its force which keeps the earth at a 23.5 degree tilt, a life giving angle.

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

This angle keeps water as a liquid, gives an inhabitable planetary warmth and the four seasons. The moon is a planetary stabilizer for earth.

The earth and moon move in complimentary orbits around their common center of mass.

They were their together from the start in the same region of sky that they now occupy.

The Anunnaki did not bring the moon to earth.

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