My Mind Is A Highway…

In reality I have been in isolation for a long time, not through a so-called global pandemic, but within the isolation of my own thoughts. A place where routine things have no thrill for me and the things that most thrive upon cannot generate excitement for me!

Why have I had so many experiences of the unusual kind, or putting in my own way “You cannot talk about wine without first having knowledge of the grape”.

Thoughts such as,

Are we consciously living in our own parallel, the antimatter extracted from matter, antimatter being the cause of the mirror shadow world, due to a repulsive gravitational interaction?

Our world of senses makes no sense, and yet the world of nonsense (non-sensory) the quantum field makes perfect sense!

Are we in the wrong side of the mirror?

And thoughts of if time is atomic (oscillation of the cesium atom) and atoms were created during the big bang then before the big bang there was no atoms, therefore no time, only infinity.

The things that we know are birthed by such thoughts, just as Newton was sitting beneath a tree when an apple hit him and he asked why it had fallen down and not up. This then gave us the concept gravity and whether you believe in what we call gravity or not, there is clearly a force that unless you can create sufficient uplift then you will remain pinned to the surface, that is an invisible force of some kind.

These supernatural forces are all around us. If Archangel Michael is the soul essence of the solar sun (I have seen this force) and light at zero point energy (ZPE) burns blue,which is the colour associated with this Archangel, then is Michael using ZPE as an acceleration. If we accelerate within ZPE the faster we go the more energy we have!

I have these trains of thought just like Newton. I recently observed a wasp flying around in the sun of a beautiful spring morning and I saw the same advanced flying capabilities and manoeuvres that I have seen in UFO’s. The wasp has a vibrating thorax and that vibration is linked via a lever system and the pattern and frequency of the flapping wings. It is an advanced mechanism where the muscles do not contract at the same frequency as the wings, but at a lower one, just like a cymbal is higher than the drum. This gives greater maneuverability with small wings and big bodies. Wingbeats cause the buzzing sound we can hear when they are around us.

These thoughts give rise to ideas that become confirmed science.

Kind regards

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