It is now the year 2018 and can you believe that there was once an ark that housed many thousands of animals that avoided a gigantic global flood hundreds of years in planning?

It beggars belief to me that yes there are those who subscribe to this story as being real. It isn’t, certainly not in terms of the physicality of a wooden boat.

The story is a metaphor for the wonder that is creation, the amalgamation of the sacred fishes of the sea, sperm and the ovum.

The bible is the division of the Hebrew scriptures and therefore this is the point of origin to any research into this and other biblical stories, which are just that, stories!

Noah in Hebrew is two letters, Nun which are the waters of creation and Chet which is Life, therefore Noah is the life within the waters of creation (NUN-CHET).

It is the story of the child within its mother whereby the child is protected by the mothers body (ark). It is known as Arcane knowledge (arcanum) which is knowledge only known by the informed.

The child develops in what is known as the 64 tetrahedron grid, and the 8 star tetrahedron makes up the 64 tetrahedron grid hence why there were 8 people on Noah’s ark. The number 64 also refers to the biblical Word (which is a DNA matrix) and why there are 64 books presented as the full bible, starting with its first book, the book of Genesis which is really saying the ‘Book of Genes’…

The aspect of the story of the animals going in 2 by 2 are the base pairs of nucleotide’s, the foundation of life that exist in base pairs. It is a genetic/DNA reference.

And now for the flood. Heaven in Hebrew is Shamayim (superior waters) that fall from the sky and create the waters of Earth and within the body, namely the Mayim..and when you see the Hebrew letters you can see that Mayim comes from within Shamayim.

It is the MEM, the womb of Binah (understanding) where God resides as the Yud (gift) or Holy seed and Holy means Qodesh which is to separate into a distinct element.

This heaven (Shamayim) contains the womb of God (Holy Grail) and is referring to the divine womb, from which the newborn child enters a new world post flood (mothers waters)…

And it rained for 40 days and for 40 nights!

Again the Mayim is represented by the number 40 and it is also relevant to the Judaic ‘Mikvah’ bath which is filled by natural water (rain) in volumes of 40 Se’ah. This bath is the recreation of the womb experience.

Noah and the ark is not a real boat or a real person, it is a metaphor for the creation of the child through the connection of the fishes of the creational waters, sperm and the Ovum, the combined forces of human creation.

As a race many have not evolved in thousands of years, holding onto and believing ancient stories used to cover up a much deeper beauty, which is Ourselves…

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