You hear that knock at the door, women dressed in skirts out of respect for men in yet another male dominated religion called Jehovah’s witnesses.

They tell you that they are doing the ‘Work’ which really originates from ‘Magnum Opus’ meaning the ‘Great Work’ which is a Masonic phrase!

But yet again it is rhetoric without knowledge because they have been told that this is the truth!

Their founder Charles Taze-Russell was a high degree Mason who had deep involvement with B’nai B’rith (Judaic group) which is also where we get the word British, B’rith-Ish, which simply means ‘Man of the Covenant/Contract’ and that contract is with Yahweh, the Hebrew God. Tell that to the EDL…(English Defense League)…

The Latin equivalent of Yahweh is Jehovah, they are the same deity with different names.

Even modern day icons such as Elton John changed their name to fall in line with Yahweh worship. Elton means ‘Yahweh has been gracious’ and John means ‘Yahweh is gracious’…and this is no coincidence. Even the British Royal family claim to be from the Royal house of David.

So who are they? Many have wrongly suggested that Yahweh is Enlil from ancient Sumer (Iraq), an extraterrestrial being who demanded human worship.

But this is incorrect despite the arguments of the Zecharia Sitchin fans and the Sumerian scrolls.

Their identity is much deeper and as usual the answer is within us, it is part of our own genetics.

Even the biblical quote “In the beginning was the word and the word was God” was written in the book of Genesis which really means the ‘Book of Genes’…(I will detail this another time)

Yahweh is the 4 elements, originally that was Fire, Water, Earth and Air (no coincidence that Enlil means God of the wind/Air).

It is the tetragrammation of the divine name Yod-He-Wau-He (YHWH) or INRI in Latin (the letters above the cross of Christ)…

In modern science the 4 elements are now, Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen, which are our genetic Amino Acids, having a combined numerical value of 22, which is the amount of numbers in the Hebrew alphabet.

This inter-relationship and interplay of the Amino acid sequences and the letters of the divine name is what is known as the ‘Word’, it is the God-code within genetics!

It is such a shame that people blindly follow and never question, simply becoming empty vessels ringing loud…and the prophets of false teachings…

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