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Here’s the write-up for my coming conference at the Glastonbury Symposium (UK) in July 2018…

Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer with 17 years investigative training and evidence gathering experience. He was considered an expert eye witness in court. In 2009 Michael became a multiple paranormal and UFO experiencer, something which has continued to this day, seeing with his own eyes on two separate occasions dimensional gateways/portals opening up before him and numerous unorthodox craft in our skies both day and night.
He has also received telepathic invites to certain locations, come face to face with a being not of this world and had a visitation from an Egyptian Pharaoh, receiving sacred and secret ancient knowledge, amongst many other fascinating occurrences. Michael now spends his life connecting the numerous dots which demonstrate to him a multidimensional reality.
Presentation:  The Ancient Code – Deciphering Our Mysterious Monuments
In this presentation, Michael explores a new approach to uncovering the real purpose of some our most mysterious monuments from around the world that until this day have left scholars and visitors alike completely baffled.
Michael says: “What if there was someone able to decipher a blueprint that spans throughout the ancient world and even connects to the Cydonian city on the planet Mars – a blueprint that tells us what the likes of the pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge really represent?
What if that person was also able to decipher a bible code which tells us who the likes of Jesus and Mary Magdalene really were, along with other famous biblical characters..?
You are about to meet that person and you are about to discover that code!”
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