The 10 Plagues Of Egypt – What They Really Were…

The bible can enslave you or enlighten you, but that depends purely upon you and which level you wish to interpret it.

You can see a public level story or you can delve deeper and see the true meaning. The true meaning is where you can find enlightenment.

The writers of these religious scriptures (scripts) knew full well that they were creating a multi-tiered belief system to keep sacred knowledge away from the general population who they deemed unworthy of such wisdom.

The many articles that I have written on Facebook and other forums recently highlight just a few of the famous biblical stories and what they truly mean.

The 10 plagues of Egypt is no different and is really referring to an inner spiritual process of enlightenment. Number 10 refers to divine balance which is essential for inner spiritual consciousness and that is why there were 10 plagues and 10 commandments etc, it is all numerology.

The 10 Plagues (as told in the Bible)

(1) Blood
(2) Frogs
(3) Lice
(4) Flies
(5) Pestilence of cattle
(6) Boils
(7) Hail
(8) Locusts
(9) 3 days of darkness
(10) Death of the firstborn

So let’s analyze what the story is telling us.

In the Kabbalah (Mystical/Esoteric Judaism) which is relevant as the bible is a division of the Hebrew scriptures, the children of Israel (Israelite’s) were kept in Egypt in captivity. But in the Kabbalah Egypt is the section of the body from the Kidney’s downwards, the sacral chakra. Israel is a metaphor for the perfect spiritual man, Is (Isis/Feminine aspect of self) RA (Sun/Male aspect of self) and EL which is God. Therefore it is the balance of opposites with God, the perfect spiritual state.

Therefore the story tells us of the exodus, meaning the way/road out, between the lower aspects of self and the higher aspects of self, the journey from Egypt to Israel.

Moses released the Israelite’s through the rise of the ‘Brazen Serpent’ which is really Kundalini awakening that goes from deactivation at the base of the spine to the mind, the upper chakras (heaven) through various spiritual practices. Kundalini is the serpent of fire within us.

The 10 plagues are metaphorical of this inner journey that transitions us from Egypt to Israel. The dispute between Moses and the Pharaoh is the dispute between the illuminated mind (Moses) and the Pharaoh (for this story representing the ego).

So now let’s break down the 10 plagues…

Blood has regenerative properties and can transition you to a spiritual man (or women). The Frog is symbolic of easy transition, as a frog does between Earth and water. Lice is symbolic of external man (the senses). Flies are symbolic of death (death of the old you). Pestilence of cattle is symbolic of good acquired through truth. Boils relate to the skin and in Hebrew skin is the same word as light. In other words skin is either a separator or a connector between self and others.

It can be either a divider or a unifying force. Hail is symbolic of falsity destroying truth. Locusts are symbolic of great numbers (those who make the transition during the exodus) into Israel, to become perfected spiritual man.

Darkness represents ignorance/falsity and the number 3 as in 3 days is symbolic of the ‘Third day’ which is divine intervention (as with Jonah in the belly of the whale for 3 days & Jesus in the tomb for 3 days etc).

And death of the first born refers to the death of spiritual darkness and the coming into spiritual light which is knowledge and wisdom. When initiates have passed their initiation they are referred to as the ‘Twice born’, the born again, which first requires the death of their own first born!

The whole story represents the inner spiritual journey from one of captivity to one of enlightenment.

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