The Anunnaki Of Nibiru & The Snakemen Of Eridu – Are They Real? My New E-book

Great News: My new E-book ‘The Anunnaki of Nibiru And The Snakemen Of Eridu – Are They Real’? is now available from my website: and from Amazon UK/USA (links at the foot of this post).


Zecharia Sitchen gave the world a translation of the ancient Sumerian scrolls and introduced us to a race of extra-terrestrial beings called the Anunnaki.

The whole story has become famous the world over and this version of history is repeated parrot fashion by many members of UFO and Alien forums and social networking groups.

According to the story ‘Those who from heaven to Earth came’ created a slave race from existing Earthly life-forms to mine for Earth’s resources, namely Gold. Worryingly the story tells us that they return to Earth on their planet every 3600 years. But what if the story is simply a metaphor like the many ancient stories of the same time?

What if the Anunnaki story has a deeper meaning than that portrayed by Sitchen and other academics? Did the Anunnaki really travel to Earth on planet Nibiru and tinker with human DNA, or is this story just too far fetched to believe?

The author, a trained police investigator who is himself a multiple paranormal and UFO experiencer, has a different version of its meaning. A version not previously brought to the table.

Is the Anunnaki story a true account of history or can there be another explanation? Why not find out?…/…/ref=sr_1_6… (UK)…/…/ref=sr_1_8… (USA)

Best regards & happy reading…

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