The Chosen One!

“Michael, regarding your trip to Egypt, you must look passed the tourism, understand her, learn about her and then teach about her” – (Message from a Psychic Medium, whom I didn’t know, just before my trip to Egypt – Name protected)…

Imagine being visited by a Pharoah from ancient Egypt just a few months ago…and imagine being given many ancient secrets of a knowledge that’s cosmic and advanced, so advanced humanity can develop just by knowing it…

Then add to the mix being asked/chosen to decipher and deliver that message to others! To tell of a truth deliberately hidden from the general population…What were the Pyramids of Egypt and around the world really built for? What was Stonehenge built for? What is the Bible really telling us?

What were all of these ancient cultures leaving for us to find?

I have now done what I have been asked to do and I now have the answers!

‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A message for Humanity’…

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