Welcome To My World…

WELCOME TO MY WORLD: By Michael Feeley (Written for Ancient Aliens (Worldwide)…

Another emergency call, blue lights flashing I attend the scene, a 17 year career police officer who had seen every aspect of humanity good and bad!

But unbeknown to me my days as a police officer were coming to an abrupt end, a storm was coming, an ill-wind was arising and heading towards my shores at speed as I was soon to be introduced to other worlds and other worldly existences.

Imagine being an experienced evidence gatherer and a crime scene investigator thrust into the world of historical murder, a murder you were eventually personally going to relive, taken back 159 years in history to experience the last moments of the victim, who was a spirit attachment in your energy field, and by the way so was her assailant!

My world had now changed forever and in the coming days, weeks, months, years and even to the present day I continue to experience the unusual and the weird.

Imagine seeing 2 dimensional stargates opening up before your very eyes on 2 seperate occasions seeing a craft emanating from one of them, imagine seeing several Tubular craft above you in broad daylight about 300 foot in the sky as you penetrate into a parellel place to tune into their frequency.

Imagine being invited telepathically to a certain place at a certain time like the cast of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

Imagine having a being from another world standing 2 feet in front of you whose energy field was so powerful and unusual it made your very essence change!

And imagine seeing so many other worldly existences that you were monitored by GCHQ who removed and copied your computer emails before your very eyes, including communications with a local UFO group!

Then on numerous occasions being visited by Angelic beings who caused a controlled energetic explosion as they entered your space and being told by the Archangel Michael to “Enjoy your time here, you have an eternity to be elsewhere”…

Then later on in your journey being contacted by a psychic medium out of the blue, whom you do not know, who had been given a message for you personally from a spiritual hierarchy, telling you that you would be a teacher of ancient Egypt and her advanced knowledge 7 years before you are powerfully inspired to research and then write about her!

Then during the writing being visited by Egyptian Pharoah’s, receiving secret knowledge, seeing scarab beetles manifesting out of thin air and having pure light serpents scurrying away from your feet…

I could have continued all day detailing the numerous occurences that have happened to me in the last few years, but for now I will end it there!

Welcome to my world…

Best regards
Michael Feeley


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