The Earth Is Not Flat…

The Hindu’s believed that the force that created the Universe was sound. They chant the word OM which in Hindu is Sun, as in solar Sun. The root word of Sun/Son is sound/sonic.

Sound is the collision of atoms and particles in the atmosphere and those collisions become spherical waves that ripple out from a point of origin. Ultrasound waves form the same shape they are simply above the range of human audible sound.

Many ancient sites such as Stonehenge used Ultrasound waves as they alter the state of the Brain and cause a ‘Right Brain’ experience. Ultrasound waves are also used in the creation of Crop Circles.

Sound causes the nodes of standing waves which is the harmonic phenomenon that programs the likes of stars and planets to spread out across space and stop at certain distances away from each other, as we can see in a micro fashion with the ‘Chladni plates’ which can be seen in action on youtube.

The precise and exact distances that enable ‘Relativity’ as described by Einstein, to occur, without it there would be no universal balance.

Planets also create sound, called the Music of the Spheres’ by Plato. If sound is a spherical wave, which it is, and planets create sound by their rotation, which they do, then the Earth, which makes a sound, is a sphere and not flat!

The whole universe is governed by geometry and everything that exists within it follows a mathematical geometric shape and design. From the sub-atomic world of DNA to the largest of universal Nebula’s everything is geometric design.

No singular planet can be an exception to this numerical rule and Earth is not the exception…despite what some are saying that Earth is a flat and that Australia doesn’t exist. It does, I have family members who have emigrated there…

Mathematics is the universal language and geometry is one of its branches.

All that exists follows this rule…

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