A Sleep State Chat With Ancient Egypt…

There have been many occasions recently when I have been given mathematical coded messages in my sleep state, in the form of either flashing or static number sequences.

And although I rarely remember my sleep state or dreams these numbers have stuck with me as I awoke and throughout the day.

Last night was no exception and the message was a complex code that has caused my head to hurt working out its meaning….

The dream time vision was simply √937 and I have worked hard to decode it

Here goes:

The Square root (√) of 937 = 30.6104557 (30.6) and 937 is the 13th ‘Star Number’. A star number is a central figurate number representing a centered hexagram (6 pointed star). The 13th Star number is as so, 12x12th triangular number +1…

The Hexagram represents the ascent towards Godhead (Egyptian terminology for enlightened consciousness) and also represents insight and wisdom and the magic power within.

In nature the Bee creates a honeycomb which is the shape of the Hexagram.

The Bee is a symbol of Egyptian Royalty, for this reason…and I have a deep connection to ancient Egypt and have been given its secret knowledge…

The language of the universe is mathematics and often my conversations are of a numerical nature…

I wonder what tonight will bring?

Best regards


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