The Expanding Universe…

The Kugelblitz is a ball of light in which a momentary concentration of electromagnetic energy can become so intense it could form its own ‘event horizon’ and become gravitationally self-trapped.

The event horizon is a boundary which events cannot affect an observer on the opposite side of it. It is like the surrounding outer ring of a black hole, a point of no return and a cosmic prison. It gives the appearance of being stuck, to the observer.

To escape a black hole you would need to travel faster than the speed of light, which as physical beings we cannot do, as our structure binding particles (Leptons and Quarks) would not and could not bind together at this speed.

An event horizon is also an entry point at which the escape velocity becomes bigger than the speed of light so you cannot escape it.

Any object that approaches the earthly horizon, from the observers side, appears to slow down and never quite crosses the horizon because of what is called gravitation redshift, which is an equivalence principle,the principle that gravity and acceleration are equivalent. Clocks deeper in a gravitational well when observed tick slower when observed from outside the well. (gravitational well = gravitational field around a body/gravity exerted by a large body in space). Geometrodynamics deals with an advanced relativity theory proposed by Einstein and this includes the geometry of space and time and the space-time phenomenon as a geometry.

On earth’s horizon, where earth and sky meet, it is merely a visual perception that needs distance between the object and observer in order to see it, therefore you can never reach it, as it doesn’t exist.

In cosmology the event horizon is the largest co-moving distance from which light emitted now can reach an observer in the distance. A particle horizon is the largest co-moving distance from the past that can reach an observer at any given time. A particle horizon is a boundary beyond which the observer cannot see the signal.

Therefore the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light, otherwise, if this was not the case, then the event would eventually become visible and because it doesn’t our universe is expanding faster than any light signal can match in speed.

The speed of the expansion remains ahead in the race!

The natural order of things is expansion, whether that be the expansion of ourselves or universally, but we must continue to grow and develop.

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