The Universe…

Within a vacuum there is still measurable energy, and that measurable energy is called Zero Point Energy (ZPE).

When ZPE particle waves meet they create a concentration of energy that results in a formation of positive and negative pairs of particles. These particles flash into existence, combine and then annihilate, These are virtual particles. The energy of the Interactions between ordinary particles create virtual particles and their positive and negative pairings.

Electric and magnetic interactions form galaxies and planets and stars, but their magnitude is dependent upon the strength of ZPE. Maxwell’s equations proved that electric and magnetism are from the same phenomenon.

Every photon will spend time as a virtual particle and its virtual electron the virtual positron. When an excited atom emits a photon it transfers its energy into the electromagnetic field which manifests a photon.

A photon is a massless particle of quantum light. Orbiting electrons around a nucleus have a fixed range of frequencies with which they keep vibrating. and this is atomic energy from within their own constituents.

Mass and energy are equivalent (Einstein).

Photons are energy and when an electron falls from a higher energy level to a lower one energy is released as a photon.

Photons can also be produced by exciting the nucleus (internal conversion) and by making an electron deflect or accelerate in a magnetic field.

What a creation we are part of?

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