The Geometers Hand…


Image seeing the mental image of the universe being drawn out, just a hand sketching the universe into being, the hand of Leonardo Da vinci himself. The original blueprint.

The secret hand of the geometer, the understander of geometry and stereometry, the geometry of space.

A circle that contains a dot that then expands into a line, taking it from universal consciousness to universal intelligence to the universal force.

From the center of the circle to its sphere becomes the radius the RA-DIOS, meaning the sun god, the Christ intellect.

The keys to all knowledge are contained in the dot, the line, and the circle, the threefold unknowable Cause of all knowable existence.

A dot that moves away from itself becomes the line and light travels in a straight line becoming that universal intelligence.

Photons speak to human DNA and they become biophotons, body-light.

The further you go away from self the more your consciousness decreases and the closer you get to self the more your consciousness increases which is why it is so important to a control system to create fictional icons of worship in order to take you outside of self and into the domain of unconsciousness.

In man the spirit is represented by the dot and conscious activity or intelligence by the line. Conscious activity is the key to intelligence, because consciousness belongs to the sphere of the dot and activity to the sphere of the circle. The circle is the limit of our scope of awareness. The principle of creation is geometry and all geometric shapes are determined from the circle.

This is how knowing the meaning of symbols can help you learn, grow and evolve. Life is naturally expansive, a seed becomes a tree and a thought becomes another thought, it is the natural order of things.

It is important to expand ourselves as we are the real deities which derives from deit which means self.

“The kingdom of God (Geometry of Divinity) is within you” and this was stated for good reason…

The machine is made for the same old same where everyone is a duplicate, believing what they are told to believe without question and never becoming the hermetic or the hierophant, he who can understand the sacred mysteries and esoteric principles.

You are much more, you are the geometry of the universe in organic form.

Live up to your greatness!

Best regards

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