Mary Magdalene Is The Number 153…

The wife of Christ to some, the holder of the Sangreal, the bloodline of Christ, to Dan Brown in the Da Vinci Code of book and movie and a prostitute to others.

But who is Mary Magdalene? She is none of the above!

To identify Mary Magdalene you need to look no further than the universal principle of creation itself, sacred geometry.

The dot in the circle (Monad) is universal consciousness, the line is universal intelligence and the circle is the universal force. The dot that moves becomes the line which within the circle is the Radius, meaning RA-DIOS, the Sun-god (the sun of God). The circle is the manifestation of the one, from nothing to everything.

All geometric shapes are determined from the circle.

The circle drawn around you is the sacred space to commune with the one. The circle is PI which is a transcendental number.

Geometry stimulates both sides of the brain and therefore to understand it is to understand the universe and self. The Square represents the imposition of structure but it gives us the 4 elements, the 4 seasons, the 4 cardinal points and so on.

So with that brief introduction to sacred geometry in mind where does Mary Magdalene fit into it?

Well, the circle is oneness, two circles are separation and those two circles interlinked become the Vesica Piscis. Within the Vescia piscis, the center, we have the Mandorla (meaning almond) which has a degree of 153. The name Mary Magdalene in Greek gemetria equals 153. It also has relevance to Christ with the 153 fishes caught upon resurrection, the ministry of Christ lasting 153 weeks and it also has relevance to the Great pyramid of Egypt has 153 represents divine knowledge and the master of the net!

The Mandorla is the yoni, the doorway to life, the manifestation portal, in other words the female genitalia, the holy passage.

The date of the feast of Mary Magdalene is on 22nd July which gives us 22/7. 22/7 is a shorthand way of writing PI and PI of course relates to the circle. When we introduce the Radian, which is the arc length of a circle it is 180 degress (1 Radian = 180 degrees). Therefore 153/180 = an expression of PI.

Mary Magdalene is the divine birther, the holy passage of the female which then takes us onto the ‘Holy Grail’ which derives from Graal meaning vessel of God. The true Holy Grail is the womb and the blood of the chalice is really the menstrual blood containing lunar energy, again relevant to the Moon and the feminine principle.

This article could go on but suffice to say Mary Magdalene is the yoni, the divine birther of life and the Christo-Sophia, the wisdom of Christ…

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