The Golden Key….Sacred Knowledge…

In 2009 my minds eye was shown a Golden Key…not a normal key but one that was bold and significant. At the time that significance was initially lost on me.

But it was a message that I would later discover the meaning of, as with the many mathematical sequences that I now receive as messages in my mind.

As I state repeatedly the world has a secret language spoken only by certain individuals and certain groups of individuals and that language is codes and symbols and allegories and metaphors.

This is purely by design so that Gnostic knowledge can only be interpreted by chosen students and initiates and not by the general population.

That way the general population cannot see what the chosen initiates can see and cannot know the sacred knowledge that the chosen initiates know.

The likes of Plato taught sacred geometry and other sacred doctrine under the veil of secrecy to his chosen students at his academy.

When I looked into the meaning of the Golden key it was to reveal what was coming to me in my future with the receiving and understanding of secret and ancient knowledge, sometimes by decipher and sometimes by ancient recognition.

Either way I was, several years later, going to receive many ancient secrets and was going to piece together most of the ancient world and their monuments and religious scripture (real translation)…

The Golden key is the interpretation of the written law of astrology/astronomy. It is applying Mathematics to the door of past and future. The Golden key unlocks the door to positive knowledge.

When we see the Gold & Silver cross keys of the likes of the Vatican it is symbolic of the union of opposites, Sun/Moon Male/Female and so on. It is the equilibrium needed in the ascension of ones own consciousness.

Secret doctrine was formulated and constructed in such a manner that it is incomprehensible to the vulgar, a masonic term for the ordinary person and he who is lacking sophistication, sophistication derives from sophis which is wisdom, therefore he who lacks wisdom.

But the secret doctrine is easily interpreted by those possessing its key!

This key is sometimes shown in the stained glass windows of the Church…It is a secret message amongst the initiates.

I was given that Golden key and sacred and secret information and knowledge comes easily to me and I am able to interpret it…

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