The Real Nativity Story…

According to the Bible it was on this day 2019 years ago that the Christ was born in a manger in Bethlehem.

Many claim that this was a real event and will verbally attack you for saying otherwise. In many years gone by they would kill you, with the Love of Christ of course, as an heretic. Heresy simply means to choose and if you didn’t choose their doctrine you’d die….I feel the love.

The whole ancient world with their monuments and alike were really telling us of our own inner consciousness and the Bible at its esoteric level is no different. There is a different version being taught to the secret Initiates to that of the public levels of religion.

The problem is that in order to get to the esoteric levels you must first see through the exoteric cover-up that was put in place to take people off the scent of truth…

Millions don’t, as they are told that they have found the truth!

But they haven’t, they have been hood-winked.

So what of the Nativity story, Mary and Joseph and Jesus in a manger found by 3 wise men bringing gifts?

Well you have the astronomical nativity that is played out in the stars above with the 3 stars of Orion’s belt and Sirius ‘A’ but you also have the inner bodily version. We have the Zodiac and Zodiacal man, as above so below.

Stars and zodiac constellations are aligned to the body in what is known as medical astrology.

For example the zodiac constellation of Virgo, which is Latin for Virgin is aligned to the Solar Plexus which is Bethlehem. Within the solar plexus (Bethlehem) there is a thimble sized depressed called the Manger. This is the Virgin Birth in a manger in Bethlehem.

So what of the other parts of the story, well it is lengthy so I will deal with it in a very short nutshell…

The 3 wise men of the body (Orion’s belt in astronomy) are the 3 Gunas, Sattva which is the light of conscious awareness in the mind, the Rajas, which is the energy that causes movement towards Sattva and Tamas, which is ignorance.

All work together to facilitate the spiritual endeavor of knowing the self, drawing us closer to the knower state (consciousness).

They brought gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. This is again symbolic of inner consciousness. Gold is wisdom, the Philosopher’s stone (alchemical ascension) and Frankincense is a sacred oil that expands consciousness and accelerates spiritual growth. Myrrh is also a sacred oil that raises awareness of consciousness.

They follow the Christ light, the Illumination of the Pineal gland (enlightened consciousness) which is our guiding light in order to reach the Christ, the Christ consciousness within.

The Christ of the nativity story was born in a stable, which is a metaphor for spiritual stability, the firm foundation for the birth of our inner Christ.

The story is telling us of our own inner illumination, our own Christ consciousness that we find and activate through certain spiritual practices involving inner Kundalini, the inner serpent of wisdom. The Christ force is the ‘Dragon Rider’ which is the serpent Kundalini energy.

Look below the surface of the water and you will see the whole ocean…All you will ever need is within YOU…

Best regards

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