The Invisible Secret World

Imagine an invisible prison, a prison that has no walls and no gates and yet no one try’s to escape for the simple reason they don’t know that they live in a prison. Imagine a race of beings so great they are the universe incarnate with all its infinite energy and atomic particles and genetic makeup and yet they have not one clue of their greatness because it has been hidden from their consciousness for generation after generation.

Then come to the realisation that I am referring to planet Earth and the human race, yes ourselves and our home, but how?

Since the dawn of our history knowledge and wisdom has been seen as a gift and not a right and as such only the privileged few have been entitled to it, likened to a seed beneath the ground concealed as it grows sprouting in only the minds of the few. The masses on the other hand deliberately kept in the dark so that this seed of knowledge could never grow in their particular garden, starved of the ‘Light’ another phrase meaning knowledge.

A system put in place so genius and interwoven into the fabric of our reality that those, the minority who see it, are seen by the rest of society as lacking certain minerals when it comes to sanity, the laughing stock to be singled out and mocked and ridiculed and in our recent past even executed as heretics.

Many thousands of years ago an ancient sect who believed themselves to be of higher sanctity than the general populous put such a system in place, they were the Pharisees, which are your modern day high degree masons and infiltrators of global and national governments who rule behind the scenes in the shadow corridors of power, namely the Jesuit/ Zionist sword bearers.

Who knows that every American president has been related to European Royalty and that both are related to the Pharaoh’s of Egypt by blood? A linear line of genealogy that has guaranteed their position of power and influence, the symbolic ‘Red Carpet’ seen at many awards ceremonies such as the Oscars. As ex-President Roosevelt once said “Presidents are selected, not elected”…

We are faced with a hidden language that is encoded all around us that we never decipher, hidden in corporate logos and brand names and alike and by public mudras that only the initiates can understand.

Then we are faced with the most genius creation to date, Religion, and its divide and conquer triumphs over humanity as a race of beings even taking us beyond the point of genocide and war in the name of a so called loving God! Somehow bypassing our ability to think and consider just what it is we’re doing to each other, flicking off the switch of basic humanity and mental rationale, such is its allowed power over us.

Keeping in line with self-aggrandisement the masses have been given false messiahs and idols of worship, a physical storyline to dictate their lives instead of taking ownership and taking appropriate moral actions, choosing to pass the responsibility to another deity to cure all sin and ills which has played right into the hands of the deceivers. It has taken us outside ourselves instead of within which is where our greatness resides, our own Temple (House of God) and Golgotha, the place of skulls where we find the human Brain, the Ark of the Covenant, our cosmic connection.

It is important for a regime intent on the global control of people and resources achieved by ignorance to keep certain information relating to our own greatness away from us for obvious reasons, namely if we all knew how brilliant we really where they would no longer hold claim on us and our lives. If we took control of ourselves and didn’t need a deity in the sky to rescue us they would have no carrot of reward and no stick of punishment to persuade us to follow them.

Religion is the basis of that control and it is powerful. People are sold physical people and stories when in fact at a much deeper level of understanding the Bible and alike are really taking about astronomy and human genetics and how they act in synergy under ‘Medical Astronomy’, it is an ascension book, a secret knowledge withheld from us all.

The world is not how we have been brought up to believe, the things we celebrate, the things we do, the things we have for so long believed in are merely a cloud, a distraction, a deceitful lie imposed upon us all for many millenniums by the masters of fabrication.

There are so many examples of this that I could have shared, but I will highlight just a few in this article.

In the 1500’s the Roman Catholic church, which is in itself a fake Christian front, created what is known as the Cestie Que Vie trust, in effect placing the whole planet in their control by means of that trust, by a ‘Right of Claim’ never challenged. It is symbolised by the ‘Papal Tiara’ the 3 tiered Crown (Vatican Crown). It controls Maritime law which is the law of the land and sea and claims ownership (Ship = a sea/water reference) of all persons, property and salt of the Earth. Even the United States of America is really a corporation acting under Lex Fori (Law of the Forum – which is Roman Law) under the Potus (President) acting as ‘Vassal King’ (holder of land) answerable to the British Monarchy who are themselves answerable to the Vatican. The Pope’s title is Vicarius Filii Dei which means ‘In Place Of The Son Of God’.

They created 3 trusts, (1) (Unum Sanctum- Crown of the land) When a child is born he/she loses all benefits/entitlements and rights to land upon birth. (2) (Aeterni Regis – Eternal Crown) When a child is born their birth certificate is sold as a bond (legally enforceable) to the private central bank of the nation of birth and they therefore lose all right to their flesh condemning them to perpetual servitude as a slave. (3) When a child is Baptised parents are handing over the child’s soul to the Vatican therefore removing the child’s right over their own soul and denying them the right to stand as a person only a creature/thing without soul (Lost at sea) which is called ‘Gift of Title of the soul’ the ‘Baptismal Certificate’ which is then held in the Vatican vaults.

The whole legal system is enforcing these trusts and our courts are enforcing Ecclesiastical/Cannon law as they did in the Spanish Inquisition, this also refers to both Maritime law and also Astronomy but that’s for another day.

The world and its systems are not as they seem and I hope that this article has in some way lifted a part of the deceptive veil that encircles us all, but with every person that learns this a new particle of change sweeps across the planet and a small link of a gigantic chain of servitude is eroded from us all.

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