The Annunaki – A Genetic Viewpoint

It has been scientifically proven that many thousands of years ago the human race went rapidly from Homo-Erectus to Homo-Sapien at a pace much faster than evolution should have allowed, if the evolution theory is correct which I don’t actually subscribe to.

Many of the world’s most advanced societies spoke publically giving exoteric explanations for life and reality but they kept back much knowledge of esoteric content from the masses and this was the basis of the world’s religions and false teachings that are still prevalent in this modern era with fake history, false icons and saviours and alike.

Much of this secret knowledge revolves around the body universe (human body) and how it relates to the macrocosm which is the universe itself, astronomy and medical astronomy and its micro-macro connection. In recent years an author and public figure by the name of Zacharia Sitchen emerged and became famous throughout the UFO and Alien genre with his interpretation of the Sumerian scrolls which spoke about an alien race called the Annunakki who travelled on Planet X, Nibiru and settled on planet Earth to mine for gold which was to heal the hole in the atmosphere of their own planet.

I think that Sitchen has done what many of those in the know have done before him and that is to mislead humanity in order to cover up a much greater truth, the brilliance that is ourselves, which has been the plan for eons of time. I know that aliens exist, I have seen their craft, I have seen them walking amongst us and stood only a few feet away from one of them, I understand that in a universe as vast and as full of life as ours there are other races of life out there and more importantly they are here with us on Earth itself, for many different and opposing reasons.

But for now let’s analyse just some of the most famous and prominent features of the Sitchen translation and look at how that actually relates genetically. To begin with let’s look at Planet X, Nibiru; the so-called 12th planet.

“The Nibiru cataclysm is a supposed disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object which certain groups believe will take place in the early 21st century. Believers in this doomsday event usually refer to this object as Planet X or Nibiru” (dictionary definition)

This was supported by Sitchin but when we look at Egyptian astronomy they refer to the planet Venus as Neb-heru which is a striking similarity and since these cultures shared belief systems whereby only the names were changed this makes it even more relevant. Now moving onto the Annunaki themselves. The main characters of this story are Enki and Enlil the sheti, the snake brothers, which putting it simply in genetic terms is the double helix of human DNA, as they twist into a serpent shape. This also extends into the Ida & Pingala, the two nerves beside the human Brain known as the White & Black serpent, emitting electrical and magnetic energy, positive and negative charge, the Prana, life force. In the story Enki was positive and Enlil was negative. Ida & Pingala are also connected to the Sun and Moon and Sitchen stated that the Moon was brought to its current location by the Annunaki.

The Moon keeps the Earth at its 23.5 degree tilt, acting as a planetary stabiliser which in turn keeps the oceans as a liquid, maintains a consistent life-supporting global temperature and causes the 4 seasons. The Moon has the same isotopes as the Earth and was therefore created at the same time in the same area of space with the same materials, so therefore it was not brought here. Without the Moon there would be no life on Earth and since Sitchen states that the Annunaki found life on Earth when they arrived, this aspect of his translation is not consistent with scientific fact.

The ruling God of the Sumerian story is Anu which is really the ‘ultimate physical atom of creation’ this could take us onto the biblical story of Adam (atom) and nuclear fission, the separating of the atom into the even (Eve), but that’s for another time, but suffice to say the whole Adam & Eve story is taking about genetics too and not real people.

Naki means to alter or change something for the better, so therefore putting the word Annunaki together it means changing or altering the Atom (DNA) for the better. It is really taking about DNA and genetics and not physical people just like the biblical characters are metaphors, such as Jesus, and not real people either. I can subscribe to the fact that human DNA has been tinkered with and that some people are even today part of a hybrid plan but I am dealing with the Sitchen interpretations of the scrolls themselves which have many different interpretations.

Sitchen also mentions the face on Mars which does exist but he claims that it was a character and leader of the Annunaki called ‘Alalu’ who was built to face Earth, below the face is meant to contain his tomb.

I don’t know about that but what I can state is that mathematically the grid latitude of the face is 4523.893421 which divided by square root 2160 (significant in mathematical coordinates of Stonehenge and also the Zodiac transit) = 97.3386882 which is the diameter of Stonehenge in Wiltshire,UK. Therefore who ever built Cydonian city on Mars, the location of the face, knew about one of the UK’s most famous and sacred monuments and it gave its grid/map coordinates for others, maybe even inter-dimensional travellers, to find. This is also true of the Pyramids on Mars and those on Earth, not least in Egypt, with a mathematical connection that has travelled through space.

We are not alone, never have been and not even today, we belong to a galactic community that most will never know exists as they tune into their own reality source, mainstream news.


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