The Jewish Royal Family…

The British Royal family, who claim to be from the Royal House of David are of Judiac faith and not Christianity as everyone believes. In Judaism Jacob was visited by God upon his pillow (Jacobs Pillow, AKA The Coronation Stone from where monarchs are crowned upon) and told that his seed would rule as Kings & Queens until the return of the promised land (Israel with Jerusalem as a world capital) From Jacob we get the Union of Jacob = Union Jack, the British flag, British means B’rith-ish = man of the contract (that contract is with the Hebrew God Yahweh) Our National Anthem God save the Queen is also relevant to this. The symbol of Royalty is the Lion = Judah(Judah means Young Lion) Judah is one of the tribes of Israel, from where we get the words Jew, Judaism, Judge, Jury et al. The Chaldean’s, rulers of Babylon, also had contact with Judah, Chaldean derives from Ur Chur, which means Moon worshippers, Moon Arch is where we get the title Monarch! Never take anything on face value, look beyond the mask!

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