Christianity Is Sun Worship

Imagine ancient man vunerable in the darkness of night, one eye over his shoulder looking for larger predators hunting him. Then all of a sudden the Sun appears and says “I am the light of the world” “Because of me man shall live forever” (Jesus quotes) Imagine also an ancient system of astronomy that has forged every religion of the world then and now, but the Billions who follow these major religions the world over have no clue as to the origins of their belief because it has been so cleverly hidden from them. Religion of all types is astrotheology, the worship of the stars and planets, Christianity is Sun worship (Jesus is really a metaphor for the Solar Sun – Sun & Son are the same word), the Sun makes its transit through the 12 signs of the Zodiac each year (this is the 12 Disciples), Judaism is predominantly Saturn worship, Islam is mainly the worship of the Moon and Venus with Saturn worship at the likes of Mecca and Catholism, which means a universal system, is also the worship of the 7 visible planets.

Ancient man set his yearly calendar by the stars, he was a master of the Celestial Narrative (Master = Measurer of stars) and many ancient monuments contained this fact also. So, whatever your belief, whatever your choice of God, know that its origins is in the stars.

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