The Kabbalah And The Meaning Of Biblical Numbers…

I wrote a blog yesterday about the number 8 and the Garden of Gethsemane and how it fits into the last days of our own Christ.

Christ was never a real individual, he is all of us…

You must not only read the scriptures and the text of them but you must also see and understand the ‘Code’ and this is where the global population of religious followers fall short.

They do not see the code which are the symbols and the metaphors that are hidden by allegorical words. It is at these allegorical depths that the truth resides.

But for the majority the beauty of truth is lost on them!

I have previously stated that the Kabbalah is a corrupted version of the Egyptian principle of self and inner illumination (consciousness).

In fact I have discovered that all ancient cultures, from the Mayans, to the Sumerians, to the Egyptians and others were telling us this. It is hidden within their grand monuments around the world in coded form.

In a universe where Mathematics is the language it is hardly surprising that many of these chosen Gnostics realize the importance of numbers and how they communicate a higher message. Even I get many numerical messages either while I am awake or even in my sleep state, that contain coded information for me.

In the Bible, which is a division of the Hebrew scriptures (Script), numbers feature repeatedly, not for numbers sake but because specific numbers or number sequences have an esoteric meaning to the secret brotherhoods.

There are simply too many numbers to cover in this article but I will continue where yesterday’s article left off with the number 8 and a few other numbers too.

The ages of Biblical characters were not real human ages they represented stages of spiritual development and numbers have a spiritual meaning in the Kabbalah. The bible itself is a spiritual knowledge written in a spiritual language and that language is metaphors, allegories and symbolism.

After Jesus resurrected (again not a real event) he appeared to Thomas on the 8th day of his resurrection, again the number 8 at play. Thomas is doubting Thomas and Thomas was named Didymus which is a Greek translation of the Hebrew word for twin. Doubting is Double-Mindedness’ which is the twin, duality, in other words two minds.

The number 8 has an Hebrew name of Shemanah which has a value of 401. 401 is the value of the name Isaiah.

Many words for the number 8 across the world are similar to the 8th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, CHET. Chet means life/new beginnings and this then leads us onto the story of Noah which derives from two Hebrew letters, namely Nun-Chet…this means life in the waters, the whole Noah story is really talking about the creation of new life in the Ark (body of the mother)…the human child.

The number 22 is the Bible wheel with its 22 spokes and the number 22 unites the whole scriptures of the bible itself. And this bible wheel with its 22 spokes is numerically important.

The number 22 is the third octave which gives us 3/22 which is part of the logo of the ‘Skull & Crossbones’ secret society. There are also 22 bones in the human skull, which is the real biblical Golgotha, where human consciousness rises into a Christ Consciousness.

When we have such celebrations as Pentecost or Pentecostal, which means 50, celebrated on the 50th day of the week of weeks. Pentecost (50) is on the seventh octave. On spoke 8 of this Bible wheel we find the book of Ruth.

So we have the number 8 which is on the first octave, the number 22 on the third octave and the number 50 (Pentecost) on the seventh octave.

This gives us an esoteric code of 137. 137 is the numerical value of the word Kabbalah. It is also the 33rd prime number and 33 is the frequency of Christ Consciousness, hence why Christ is reported to have died aged 33 (33 is important in many others ways too, for example 33 degrees of Freemasonry and 33 vertebrates of the human spine which then leads us into the true meaning and location of Atlantis).

The number 137 is the connection between the unseen and seen force and this number is the interaction between the vessel and light and is how the vessel absorbs light. Only by way of consciousness (light) can we absorb and connect to light.

137 is also an important Zohar number and Zohar means Radiance (light). It is the chief text of the Kabbalah presented as an allegorical or mystical interpretation of the Pentateuch (5 books, there are 5 books in the Torah). The number 5 is the number of the Pentagram and ‘Realized man’…..hence the 5 wounds of Christ!

1+3+7=11 which is also an important Kabbalah number, as is the number 9 (which gives us that famous event and date 9/11)…

There are 304:805 letters in the Torah and if we reverse the numbers in pairs we get 50+84+03 = 137

Torah means ‘The mark’ (hit the mark) in other words the ‘Bullseye’ which is the Pineal gland…esoterically this is enlightened consciousness.

Hebrew letters are also numbers and each letter starts with a dot, the dot means universal consciousness and the key to all knowledge is contained within the dot.

Not only should you read the text but you must also see the code!

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