What Others Are Saying About My Research…

I am receiving excellent feedback for my research and esoteric material. Here’s what people are saying…

“Michael, your attention to detail is top notch”

“Your insights as well as investigative studies are at the absolute pinnacle of decoding”

“Brilliant Michael, absolutely brilliant”

“Once again, I’m absolutely captivated at the highest degree”

“Absolutely captivating Michael”

“I have one word Michael, brilliant”

“Brilliant Michael as always”

“An eye opener again”

“Wow, it all makes total sense when someone lays it out in front of you. Thanks for doing just that”

“Yet more TRUTH ! It’s coming out of the ‘woodwork’  right through the ‘vessel’ that is:Michael Feeley !Thanks again”

“Awesome Michael”

“Fantastic ! Thanks so much for doing the research I don’t have to, I really appreciate it. Your ‘silver chord’ is ‘fully attached’ to your ‘oversoul’ delivering knowledge directly from ‘source’

Talk about ‘a divine messenger’….. you come to mind” !

“Great info once again Michael.”

“Another fantastic piece of coded knowledge for us ‘matrix players. Thanks again Michael”.

“Fascinating stuff Michael, truly genius ? Namaste”

“Absolutely brilliant ! You’re tapped right into creator energy” !

“You’re a conduit for this knowledge. I can’t thank you enough for sharing it”

“Hi Michael,wow,that’s so interesting”

“There’s a real calming energy around your words. That’s a lovely informative post.Thanks”,

“Brilliant and explained so well again. Thanks”

“Fantastic session, so professional.  The truth just flows from you.Thanks again for sharing your many years of research”.

“Another fantastic TRUTH ! Thanks again Michael”.

“Keep them coming Michael, the info is fantastic”


This is what makes it all worth while for me


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