The Lord’s Supper (The Last Supper) – The Esoteric Meaning!

The Lord’s Supper (The Last Supper) the Esoteric meaning!

Jesus (The Christ Seed/male sperm) born in Bethlehem (Solar Plexus, Bethlehem meaning House of Bread) rises with Kundalini energy towards the mind, the Mensa (which means both Mind and Table).

Jesus sits at the table (mind) with the 12 Disciples (12 Cranial nerves of the Brain) for the Lord’s supper (Lord means Bread Giver)

Therefore the Lord’s Supper (supper meaning Soup, which means to enhance the performance/power of) is speaking of the enhancing of the Kundalini energy’s power, often done by chants (Egyptian Hallel), the hymn sang by Jesus at the last supper, before the Cruxification on the Optic Chaism (The cross, within the Brain) the result of sexual sublimation, the redirection of sexual energy (through celebacy- Cruxification also means to subdue ones appetite)…

After 3 days in the cerebellum (tomb) the Christ seed rises and becomes Christ Consciousness!

He is the Saviour meaning ‘He who sows the seed’…

“Eat My Body, Drink My Blood”

Blood – meaning the spiritual union of mind and matter…the Christ consciousness connecting to the father energy, the ether…”In Remembrance of me” (Death of the old you for a new resurrected consciousness)

The bible, through its characters and stories, is telling us something more!!! IT’S ABOUT OURSELVES!

We are all Jesus…we are all the Christ Conciousness in waiting

Michael Feeley

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