The Canopic Jars

In Egypt the physical life was a preparation for the afterlife. At death some of their internal organs were placed into 4 canopic jars which were the four sons of Horus and the 4 cardinal compass points.

But canopic comes from Canopus which to Egyptians was their South Pole Star which works with Sirius ‘A’ (Isis) sending star transmissions to Earth aiding human consciousness.

As I have stated in my book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A message for Humanity’ consciousness was pinnacle in Egyptian society amongst the higher classes, the Pharoahs and Priests and the initiates of the Mystery schools of hidden knowledge

I reveal many secrets in this book and provide a version of history that not many people are revealing, because they don’t know the information I am deciphering…

Why not learn the hidden secrets for yourself?

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