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I was recently asked, and I quote,  “What are we”? (Never been a “star seed” explanation fan) and that of course is a deep question and one that has had the greatest minds trying to answer for eons of earth time.

When you understand the mathematical design of the universe you cannot think otherwise than it has a designer. That in itself answers the question of are we alone in this universe – no we are not, there is us and the creator at least.

I have seen several events that have led me to question what reality is, I have seen green pulsating funnel shaped grids coming off the moon and I have seen clouds change to numbers (1’s & 2’s) and then change back to clouds as I observed the process.  My wife Sarah has also seen shimmers in reality.

Something is very different to what we believe to be our true reality.

I have also seen the face of the creator and it was a digital face that appeared from beyond a veil of nothingness to then disappear to become once again unseen in the geometry of space.

So what is my take on the whole theme?

We are a gigantic universal computer-like fragmentation!

Fragmentation is where the contents of a single file (Creator/singularity) are stored in different locations on the disk (Hard-drive/Universe) rather than in a contiguous (touching/connected) space.  This results in inefficient use so we eventually defrag (return to singularity) and come back into one place, oneness/whole.

Computer programs are numbers decoded into images and the language of the universe is numbers/mathematics.  The creator is a mathematical mind of such advanced levels it blows the human mind.

Programs manipulate numbers and text. Programming languages use numbers and storing data, such as binary code, which is 0 and 1, where nothing (No-Thing) becomes something (Some-Thing).  0 and 1 are dual opposites.  This binary code enables communication and the passing of instructions.  Duality is a complimentary expression.

This for instance:  01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100000 01010111 01101111 01110010 01101100 01100100 is ‘Hello World’ in binary code.

1 could be off, right, false and 0 could be the opposite, left, wrong, on etc.  It is a two number based number system, like the code I saw transforming a cloud.  The power of 0 is 1 as zero power is just the product of no numbers at all. 0 is therefore an ‘Additive Identity’ as is it the only number that you can add to any other number leaving it the same.

So any number, if zero power, is the product of no numbers which is ‘Multiplicative Identity’, 1.

An identity is a neutral element or binary set. A neutral number is neither negative nor positive.  All numbers, whichever you were to chose, are a trinity of positive negative and neutral, as such:  -1  1 +1.

-1 is negative, 1 is neutral and +1 is positive and this is the same for any number.  0 is a neutral integer (whole number) that comes in the middle of positive and negative numbers, again in the same vein,  -0 0 +0.

Programming is the process of writing instructions which are then translated into readable format; this is the exact process of our DNA, and that of all other species, which is encoded with similar coded instructions.

Of course there are often bugs and errors/flaws in the system which we see on physical earth. Computer viruses can self-replicate like human viruses do, slowing down and even crashing the system.  This is the glitch in the code, or the glitch in the matrix.

Data fragmentation is when the collection of data memory is broken up into many pieces that are not close together. Therefore ‘Space’ is really ‘Storage Space’.

When the computer program is finished with the chunk (blocks of requested memory) it can free them back to the system to be allocated again (reincarnation of the soul).

Over time and use free memory areas are fragmented into smaller and smaller contiguous areas, so that the program cannot get some of it back (Lost Souls).

The universe is expanding but expanding from the outside, not the inside. Have you ever tried pushing a car from the inside?

Different pieces of data are presented in different ways inside a computer (Individuals within a universe) and computer simply means to compute which is to calculate.

So why did the mathematical creator fragment itself into trillions of pieces of universal data?

Fragmentation is necessary for data transmission which is the transfer and reception of data over either point to point or multipoint communication channels.  The creator wished to transmit to itself and in order to do so it had to fragment.

Computers decipher codes turning them into a recognizable image just like we decipher our environment through the senses that pass information onto the brain to create our familiar world of images!

We are all fragments of the whole, fragmented so that the whole could pass information and then eventually defrag and retrieve everything back to the whole (singularity).

Kind regards

Michael Feeley

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